JEW HUNTING: Muslims and Their Leftist Running Dogs Roam Jewish LA Neighborhood Attacking Jews

For years, I spoke, wrote, lectured, rallied warning about this very thing. My colleagues and I were smeared, defamed, libeled and relegated to the fringes.

Leftwing Jewish organizations joined the enemy to destroy those working furiously to save them i.e. Jewish group cancels speech by controversial author Pamela Geller (LA Times)

And so, here we are.

A Hamas Mob Roamed an LA Neighborhood Attacking Jews

With the complicity of local Los Angeles authorities.

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM, June 24, 2024:

Some people are calling this a “pogrom”. It was at best a low-level riot against Jews by Islamic terrorist supporters and Antifa with the complicity of local Los Angeles authorities. I have an article with more to say about it, but the videos speak for themselves.

The target was Congregation Adas Torah (Congregation of the Bible) but the pro-terror rally spread out to two adjoining synagogues and then the violence spread out past Kosher restaurants, a Jewish school and to nearby residential streets on both sides of Pico Blvd in the Pico Robertson neighborhood where the Hamas rioters freely attacked Jews.

Some Jewish community members stood up to them.

The LAPD was slow to intervene and generally ineffective. The failure to once again confine the hate mob to a protest zone allowed the violence to continue escalating. This was the same thing that had happened at the Museum of Tolerance and in other instances. Despite the killing of Paul Kessler at a protest where the sides were not separated, LA authorities continue allowing Hamas supporters free access to their Jewish targets.

And after 8 months at some point that can’t simply be dismissed as incompetence.

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Here is the victim who was beaten to a pulp by antisemitic Palestinian terror supporters and here is the LA Times article about the event, citing some nebulous “scuffle” among “some protesters” who just “wrestled” and “no reports of injuries”

Jews attempting to enter a synagogue in LA are being violently attacked by a pro-Hamas group. Just imagine the political reaction if this were a different minority being blocked from church by the KKK! Where is Joe Biden? Where are the Democrat Jewish leaders? Schumer? Emhoff? Nadler? Crickets . . .

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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