Julian Assange — Hero or Villain?

Mr. Julian Assange is being presented to us as a Hero. He certainly wasn’t. In fact, he stole video footage from the CIA showing a small unit of U.S. military personnel using a helicopter to carry out precision action against Iraqi insurgents. He manipulated this footage very heavily to blacken the U.S. military!

After he came under house arrest, he became known for disclosures of other people: he did not mention their names.

Julian Assange read the articles and columns of Daniel Pipes (Middle East Forum) and Prof. Barry Rubin (Rubin Reports/GLORIA Center in Herzliya). These two heavyweights in the world of journalism, had direct sources in the U.S. government and in the Middle East. Assange took their information over without giving them credit for the journalistic work.

There is another thing: Assange raped a woman in Scandinavia. It happened in a way, which is not punishable with us in the Netherlands, but still….

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Sources: The late Prof. Barry Rubin, the Military site The Jawa Report

POST ON X: Julian Assange is now a free man. It’s a miracle he’s walking free and a huge victory for the freedom of press.

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