Poll: Support for Israeli PM Netanyahu surges domestically

Breitbart reports today that domestic support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on the rise as the Jewish State’s war against the Iran-backed Islamic terror group Hamas advances, according to poll numbers showing the right-wing bloc in Israel nearing 60 seats.

Israel’s Channel 14 published the results of a survey conducted by Direct Polls on Monday, showing that if elections were held now, Netanyahu’s Likud Party would receive 26 mandates, one of its best numbers since the October 7 massacre — the most brutal attack on Jews since the Nazi Holocaust.

In a matchup for prime minister between Netanyahu and his longtime rival, centrist Benny Gantz, Netanyahu is the preferred candidate, securing 47 percent of the total sample’s support — at a yearly high — compared to Gantz’s 31 percent. 

The poll also showed Gantz’s National Unity Party coming in second, receiving only 17 mandates.

“The people of Israel recognize we’re in a war for our national survival. And one thing is for sure, they view every effort to overthrow the government and force Israel to surrender as a reason to support Netanyahu more, not less,” wrote conservative American-Israeli columnist Caroline Glick.

NEWSRAEL: Just 3 days ago, we published a report by top Israeli political analyst Amit Segel Biden may spur another Netanyahu comeback – and as usual, Segel’s analysis was right on the money. Biden’s attempt to bring down Netanyahu only helped to make him stronger.


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