Soft Wax

This short story is about 4 Amsterdam students, who want to take action against the Dutch Armed Forces. The 2 young men and 2 young ladies are studying at the University of Amsterdam. They throw in the towel, and sit at home a lot.

Although they come from good families, and have been raised very well, they take very poor care of themselves. They don’t keep their condo, which they got from their parents, clean.

Nor do they wash their clothes properly. Once a week, not more often, they wash a few garments in a bucket with a dash of bleach. They then rinse the clothes out under the tap. Their clothes are worn out within a year. They have also contracted skin diseases from using bleach.

In the middle of the living room of their shared apartment, there is a large TV. They watch it a lot. Now, however, it is time for a meeting. They put the TV on black.

The meeting is nothing more than a group discussion. They talk about organizing a big demonstration against the Dutch Armed Forces. Because they are doing war, and they themselves are pacifists!

They decide to go the next day, at the university, to shake people awake. They themselves are wide awake, they think. They understand world politics, and others don’t!

[ *** ]

No sooner said than done. The 4 students went to the university. They sit together at a large table in the Mensa, the university’s restaurant. They are eating vegetarian croquettes, of course it doesn’t taste like anything.

While they are eating slowly, 6 American students come up to them. They say they came to the Netherlands thanks to a “student exchange program.” The 6 Americans look well-groomed.

One of the Americans says to the 4 pacifists:

“We are against war. We want to help you”.

The 4 Dutch pacifists don’t know what they are hearing! How can the Americans know what they are doing! They angrily ask an American young lady:

“How the fuck do you know that we are also against war?”

The American students, 3 young men and 3 young ladies, are silent in all languages.

After a 5-minute silence, a brief conversation ensues about how bad right-wing politicians are.

[ *** ]

In a tall white office building located in the woods of Langley, Virginia, a phone call comes in. An elderly gentleman, who works on the 15th floor, answers. He is told that contact has been made.

The elderly gentleman sits down at a computer, and begins looking up information about the “STUDENT UPRISINGS” program. After 15 minutes of reading, he raises his right hand.

A supervisor now rushes up to him, and stands behind him. It is a transsexual. The supervisor reads along from the computer screen.

The elderly gentleman now says:

“Contact has been made by our people with a new group in Amsterdam. The new group has a lot of ambition. They want to make the Netherlands more social, and bring about an end to the armed forces. What should I do now?”

The transgender supervisor now says sternly:

“We are not doing anything at all. Let our people massage this new group some more”.

[ *** ]

The 4 students called another “meeting” in their dirty apartment. They have all put their cell phones in the bathroom so there can be no eavesdropping.

The 2 women are doing the talking. They think there should be cooperation with the Americans. Perhaps there is something to learn from them about how to demonstrate against the Government.

The 2 men object because they are against America, but the women reassure them:

“The 6 new friends of ours are also against their own country, mind you.”

[ *** ]

The older gentleman in the office building in Langley, Virginia is heterosexual. He is therefore often mocked by younger employees in his department. All of whom are gay or lesbian.

The transsexual stands in the middle of the room on the 15th floor, and says to everyone present:

“I have good news. A new group has been formed. The group doesn’t have a name yet. They are 4 students from Amsterdam. They are like soft wax to us!”

There is an applause. The older gentleman, however, does not clap, but frowns his eyebrows. He wonders aloud what kind of madhouse he has landed in.

A handsome woman now walks up to him. She is dressed in civilized American ladies’ fashion. She tells the older employee to adapt to the new times.

[ *** ]

The 6 American students go to withdraw money from an ATM, somewhere in the center of Amsterdam. They immediately see that an amount as high as 5000 US dollars has been transferred to each of their accounts. They all immediately withdraw 100 Euro, to buy candy.

They also decide to take a trip to Berlin. There the Left also seems to be very strong, they suspect.

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

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