The GOD of WAR

It is 1988, The Cold War is in its final years. President Ronald Reagan of the United States of America is working to bring the Soviet Union to its knees.

At the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand, a representative from Vietnam arrives. He says he has an important message for the ambassador. After some secret consultation by the U.S. Embassy staff, he is granted an audience with the ambassador.

The communist says the following to the ambassador:

“Dear capitalist, I must warn you of a major problem in Cambodia. There is a group of 100 Khmer Rouge who have split from Pol Pot. Pol Pot is afraid of you and is hiding, He does not hurt anyone anymore. However, this group, which I want to warn your capitalist country about, has received weapons training from the Russians. They want to expand and move into Phnom Penh. If they succeed in this, THE KILLING FIELDS will return. We, the proletariat of Vietnam, do not want this!”

The ambassador shakes hands with the communist, and tells him he is going to inform Washington. He looks deep into his eyes to see if the communist has spoken the truth.

[ *** ]

At the Pentagon, in a large control room, a general gets a briefing. He now orders:

“I order a mission into Cambodia with our green berets.”

A soldier stands in front of him and says in a loud voice:

“We will have our team in action in 1 hour, SIR”.

Another soldier now stands in front of the general, and says:

“Our flight deck ship in the South-China Sea is ready for action, SIR”.

The general nods in satisfaction and orders in a quiet voice:

“Order the captain to stay in those waters for 1 week”.

The 2 soldiers in front of him now say simultaneously:

“Yes, SIR”.

[ *** ]

From the aircraft carrier, not far from Vietnam, now departs a small white private plane, from the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker’.

On board are 10 Green Berets, and 3 large sheepdogs. The Green Berets wear green t-shirts, with green army pants underneath. These are fastened around their hips with a leather belt. They wear Nike brand athletic shoes. They each carry the following weapons: a machine gun (M16), a hand grenade, a large knife. They also have lighters with them, maps of Southeast Asia and forged passports. They wear large plastic watches, which run on batteries.

[ *** ]

The small private plane now lands on a deserted airstrip just outside Hanoi. The dogs jump out of the plane immediately; they are very agitated. The Green Berets calmly get off the plane. They begin to stuff themselves with American cookies, as they will not be able to get solid food for the next few days. They each drink a gallon of water.

[ *** ]

The platoon of commandos leaves. The dogs lead the way. They follow their instincts, and know exactly where their group should go.

The trek lasts 4 days. The dogs are always in front. There is no talking, nor do the dogs bark. In the morning, they all lick dew from leaves. That is the only moisture they get. All of them, including the animals, suffer from blisters, but they don’t care.

[ *** ]

On the fourth day, they arrived in the Vietnamese-Cambodian border area. Here they meet a group of 16 farmers. The peasants do not speak correct Vietnamese, but an unintelligible dialect.

The leader of the Green Berets knows this dialect a little, and inquires where Pol Pot’s secret group is, which has weapons.

The peasants are furious at Pol Pot’s group, which has weapons, and they tell the Americans where to find them!

[ *** ]

In a Pentagon office room, a general is getting a briefing. A soldier stands in front of his desk, and says:

“Our team of Green Berets has been missing now for 4 days, SIR”.

The general squeezes a cigar into an ashtray. He curses:

“Damn it. Send our condolence teams to their families”.

Within hours of this order, Marines all over America are ringing the doorbells of families, informing them that 10 heroes of the U.S. will never return home.

In a parkway, near the Pentagon, a band plays military music. An American flag is carefully folded.

[ *** ]

The 10 Green Berets, still just alive (!) continue their march toward the enemy. The dogs will now walk behind.

When they arrive at the enemy, they first do a half encirclement. Now they open fire! Almost half of all Khmer Rouge die from the rain of bullets from the M16s.

The other half are holed up in simple huts. The huts have no windows, only an open door. The Green Berets roll their hand grenades through the doorways. Thus, the other half of the enemy also dies.

The Green Berets now run down all the corpses. They stab the corpses with their knives, into the heart, to make sure that the enemy is truly eliminated.

[ *** ]

Near this patch in the jungle of Cambodia, the Green Berets find metal crates full of weapons and documents. The documents are in Russian. They are instructions for carrying out a coup. The Green Berets burn all the documents. They disable the weapons.

[ *** ]

Now the Green Berets have to get back safely! They decide to run. The sheepdogs lead the way. They show the way again, back to the abandoned airport, near Hanoi.

[ *** ]

Halfway back, 1 of the sheepdogs stops once for one of the commandos. The commando looks at the animal in amazement. Something is going on. The animal looks at him peacefully, but does not move. A golden glow appears in the eyes of the now very peaceful animal. A miracle.

The commando now calls out to the leader of the pack:

“LEADER! One of our dogs has become divine. I saw a golden glow in its eyes. It’s a miracle.”

The animal now leaves the group and walks quietly into the jungle, heading north. When the animal is completely out of sight, they hear a brilliant wolf howl.

The Green Berets are ordered by the leader to keep the event top-secret. They continue on their way.

[ *** ]

When they arrive at the abandoned airstrip with the 2 remaining sheepdogs, 1 of them enters a small building. Here is old transmitting equipment that still works. He contacts the aircraft carrier, and reports that they are ready to be picked up!

[ *** ]

At the Pentagon, there are cheers in a large control room. A general says to all present:

“I knew it! Of course they are alive! Never give up on our finest soldiers, ladies and gentlemen!”

A soldier stands before the general and asks him with a red head:

“Should we inform their families, SIR?”

The general now looks at the ground, and answers him:

“Send the Marines to their homes to correct our mistake.”

[ *** ]

From the aircraft carrier, just off the coast of Vietnam, a white Fokker now takes off. On board is the joyous music of Dr. Alban. The pilot sings along with the song, “Sing Hallelujah!”

[ *** ]

War is not for amateurs. If one is not willing to study Sun Tzu (the whole book), then one should stay far from the battlefield.

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