Oakland Mayor Raided by FBI Blames ‘Radical Right-Wing Forces’

“I was born poor in America.”

When you’re a Democrat in a Democrat city and a Democrat state whose offices get raided, whom do you blame?

“Radical right-wing forces” obviously.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao, whose offices were raided by the FBI, whose closest ally and former chief of staff denounced her abuses, and whose lawyer abandoned her, blamed the whole thing on the “radical right wing forces” so prevalent in the city.

“I’m seeking the truth right now just as much as you all are. I will not be bullied and I will not be disparaged and I will not be threatened out of this office,” Sheng Thao said. “There are a lot of radical right-wing forces who know they will never win an election in Oakland fair and square. They know their extreme views are at odds with our Oakland values.”

“Their innocence is presumed until proven guilty. They will never face this indignity. This I know for sure because I was born poor in America. And that teaches you a lot about the world from day one,” the mayor said.

Sheng Thao is reduced to implying that “right-wing forces” somehow suborned the FBI into raiding her. The problem is that the FBI answers to the radical right wing forces of the AG Garland and the Biden administration. If Thao had pulled that stunt during the Trump administration, there would at least have been some logic to the conspiracy theory.

But leftists just know one dumb trick and it’s on display here. Thao is the victim of evil wealthy right wing forces because she grew up poor. Ignore everything else and double down on the identity politics.



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