CNN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: President Donald J. Trump at the ‘Top of his Game’ while Biden was in ‘La La Land’

The much touted Presidential debate on CNN was a big win for President Donald J. Trump.

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., with one full week off with his staff to prepare for the debate, was in La La Land.

Watch the full CNN Presidential Debate:

Some key excerpts from the debate:

  1. TRUMP: “I offered her 10,000 soldiers on National Guard and Pelosi turned them down… She now admits she turned it down… she says ‘I take full responsibility for January 6.’”
  2. Trump absolutely SCHOOLED Joe Biden on the economy.
  3. President Trump called Biden out for his opening the border policy.
  4. TRUMP: “Every time that Zelenskyy comes to this country, he walks away with 60 billion dollars. He’s the greatest salesman ever.
  5. Biden claims his son died in Iraq. His son died of cancer years after finishing his service.
  6. TRUMP: “He gets paid by China.. he’s a Manchurian candidate.”
  7. President Trump: “On January 6, we had a great border, we were energy independent, we had the lowest taxes ever, we were respected all over the world.
  8. Biden admits on stage that inflation didn’t start until he took office.
  9. President Trump destroyed Jake Tapper and Joe Biden at the same time.
  10. Trump: “What happened to the United States’ reputation under this man’s leadership is horrible.”
  11. Donald Trump delivered the most dominant debate performance in presidential debate history. Meanwhile, Joe Biden was bludgeoned so bad he will likely have to be identified by his dental records after this debate.
  12. Trump threw every liberal into a fit of rage with this exchange right here.
  13. Crooked Joe Biden lies.
  15. Trump: “We are failing because of him (Biden), he will drag us into World War III.”
  16. PRESIDENT TRUMP: I’ll tell you something… I wish he was a great president because I wouldn’t be here right now. I’d be at one of my many places enjoying myself. I wouldn’t be under indictment because I wouldn’t be his political opponent.
  17. Biden confirms he would veto any bill protecting babies from abortion — making it clear he supports abortions up to birth.
  18. President Trump: “I really don’t know what he said at he end of that sentence, I don’t think he knows he said either “
  19. 67% of CNN viewers say Trump won the debate vs 33% for Biden
  20. President Trump will end the Bidenflation nightmare, secure the border, and Make America Great Again!
  21. Trump Delivers Crushing Final Blow to Joe Biden, “All he does is make our country unsafe by allowing millions and millions of people to pour in. Our military doesn’t respect him. We look like fools in Afghanistan. We didn’t stop Israel. It was such a horrible thing. That would have never happened. It should have never happened. We’re living in hell. We have the Palestinians and we have everybody else rioting all over the place. You talk about Charlottesville. This is 100 times Charlottesville, a thousand times. The whole country is exploding because of you because they don’t respect you, and they have to respect their president. And they don’t respect you throughout the world.”
  22. It was at this exact moment that everyone realized Trump had won the debate.

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  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    Biden also used the phrase “illegal alien” much to chagrin of his handlers I’m sure.

    I noticed he was looking down at notes on podium and sure seemed to me he had his notes arranged in order of the questions. I believe CNN, once again, provided the Democrat candidate with the questions in advance.


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