Donald Trump to Newsmax: Preparing For Debate ‘My Entire Life’

President Trump did great, despite the hostile debate environment.

But this is the most important presidential debate in history, so it will not hurt to continue praying as well.

Western Civilization is on the line.

Donald Trump to Newsmax: Preparing For Debate ‘My Entire Life’

By Newsmax, June 25th, 2024

Donald Trump told Newsmax on Tuesday night he doesn’t need to lock himself in a room with advisers to prepare for Thursday night’s huge debate with President Joe Biden, the first presidential debate this election cycle and the earliest in U.S. history.

“I’ve been preparing for it for my whole life, if you want to know the truth,” Trump told “Prime News” and guest host Corey Lewandowski. “And I’m not sure you can lock yourself in a room for two weeks, or one week, or two days, and really learn what you have to know.

“I’ve been through it.”

This will be Trump’s sixth presidential debate, including the three he had with Hillary Clinton in 2016 and two with Biden in 2020, and not counting the numerous debates he had during the Republican primary season each year. CNN will host the debate in Atlanta, and it will be simulcast on Newsmax.

“I know the subject [matter],” Trump said. “Now, you know, they may get cute because it’s obviously at CNN, and I’ve called it fake news for a long time. We’ll see how they do it. They have a lot at stake to be fair. I think they have to be fair. But we’ll see how we do. I think we’ll do very well. We’ve done well in the past, and I think we’ll do very well. I know the subject matter.”

Biden has holed himself up in Camp David this week in preparation for the debate. There have been reports Biden, who has shown signs of cognitive decline, has been trying to stand for 90 minutes as part of his prep.

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