My Assessment of the Debate

A Non-Political Perspective!

I started to watch last night’s (6-27-24) Presidential debate but had to turn it off after 40 minutes. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Paul Revere was anxiously riding through the countryside, trying to wake us up…

Regretfully, these days almost any commentary on any topic immediately becomes politicized. For example, if someone says that electricity must be reliable, it is quickly interpreted as an attack on unreliable renewables, and then an assault on climate change policies (which are premised on such renewables).

A major message of my Substack commentaries is that a LOT of this rote political response can be defused if real Critical Thinking is applied (see here and here).

Whether we are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, we should be able to have civil conversations, and agree on some fundamental things that affect us all. So, keeping that in mind, here are three non-political observations I had last night…


My wife has a severe case of Parkinson’s and I have been her primary caregiver for several years now. It is more than distressing to see an intelligent, vibrant, fun-loving person experience a rapid decline. It was saddening to see Mr. Biden’s deteriorating cognitive and physical conditions. Considering that he was extensively prepped for this event, and that his makeup was applied by a team of professionals, we were seeing him at his best. As such I couldn’t help but be sorry for how he is, au naturale.

Concern for our Safety

The United States is opposed by some VERY bad actors. Such countries as China, Russia, Iran, etc. are paying extremely close attention to our leadership and alertness. These adversaries will take EVERY opportunity (e.g., an open border) to infiltrate our country with well-disguised sleeper terror cells. Our safety is currently in extreme peril. We need to appreciate that non-political reality beforehand, not after the fact.

Alarm for the American Experiment

Our democratic Republic is premised on citizens electing representatives, and those people acting on behalf of their constituents. The elected leader of our country provides direction for (and institutes action with) numerous everyday matters of importance: economy, energy, climate, healthcare, immigration, public safety, etc., etc.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and power players take advantage of one. Clearly, there is now a team of handlers who are behind the scenes here, calling the shots on all of these profoundly significant policies. But who are these unelected people? And what are their undeclared agendas? Citizens have no real connection with these unidentified handlers — and that threatens to undermine the entire American Experiment.


Although I’m naturally an upbeat, optimistic person, I hope that my non-political concerns here are palpable. It is absolutely imperative that we have Critically Thinking citizens. It is beyond overdue that we quickly and meaningfully fix our education system so that it stops producing easily manipulable graduates.

And we need to pray, as God can solve anything. That said, the proper perspective is: Pray as if everything depends on God, but work as if everything depends on us.

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