Stuck Abroad

Tommy Robinson has been arrested in Canada. There seems to be a problem with his passport.

Mr. Robinson himself thinks he is being politically persecuted by Trudeau and his ilk.

Who is Tommy Robinson? That’s a good question.

He used to be a brave freedom fighter, a real man of the British people…

Mr. Robinson was the leader of the English Defence League, many years ago. He spoke the Truth a bout Islam, and wanted the borders of England closed for Muslim immigration.

But then, one day, he broke. The pressure on him was too much. The British Government and the Police in his country hated him so much, that he was frequently arrested on bogus charges.

After he broke, he became a different man. He started to speak with moderation. He started to regret his past. He now was no longer a people’s hero, but became a good friend of the elite!

I hope Tommy Robinson is soon free to travel back safely to England. I wish him no harm. I also hope that he comes back to his senses, and speaks the Truth about Islam again.

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Tommy Robinson | 2015 Full Address | Oxford Union

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