Three Elections

Yes, I watched the Trump-Biden debate, even though we are in France. And it was painful. Ninety minutes of unadulterated sludge from the mouth of a sitting U.S. president. Someone should be escorting Ol’ Joe to a retirement home.

Problem is, I doubt Jill Biden will allow that. She likes the White House, Air Force One, all the perks. If the Dems can’t convince Jill to escort Joe off the stage, he’ll be running in November and the Dems will lose.

And if they do manage to get Joe to drop out at the Convention in August, what then? Kamala Harris is a bomb just waiting to explode, and Gavin Newsom — while a rock star to the left-wing of the Democrat Party — is a joke to anyone outside of Hollywood.

Donald Trump did exactly what he needed to do on Thursday. He sat back and watched impassively as Joe showed the world he cannot be president, and then pounded relentlessly on the economy, the border, and the unnecessary war in Ukraine.

The first round of parliamentary elections in France takes place on Sunday. This week alone, the top three contenders held two debates. I watched most of those, too.

Talk about a contrast! Jordan Bardella, the leader of the National Rally, is just 28, but he is poised and displayed an intellectual and political depth way beyond his years. Gabriel Attal, the current prime minister, is just 35, but he too was polished and smart, if a bit smarmy.

Depending on the night, they faced a different spokesperson for the left-wing coalition, whose leader, former Communist Jean-Luc Melenchon, openly disdains his coalition partners and wants to be prime minister himself and take France back to the 1930s.

But talk about intellectual firepower! These debates were intense, grueling, fact-driven, and in many ways brilliant. And they were watched with interest by millions of French citizens.

As I comment in my weekly segment on Prophecy Today Weekend on Saturday, French president Macron’s strategy is to pull-off a political quarterback sneak.

After scolding the French voters for making the wrong choice in European parliamentary elections three weeks ago, now he is trying to scare them from the “extremes” on the left and the right into giving his dwindling centrist group control of government through some kind of minority coalition agreement.

I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Jordan Bardella and the National Rally are now at 37% in the polls and appear poised to win an actual majority of the seats. We’ll know on July 7.

(Oh yes. The French vote in person and with paper ballots, and yet manage to announce provisional election results within minutes of the polls closing that usually turn out to be incredibly accurate, within 0.02% of the final tally).

And now for your third election.

Iran held a snap election for president after hard-line murderer Ibrahim Raisi perished in a helicopter crash last month. The winner, heart surgeon Masoud Pezeshkian, is a former government minister in the reformist regime of president Khatami, and a former deputy parliament speaker.

As soon as the results were announced, Supreme Scold Ayatollah Khamenei warned him to toe the line, and Pezeshkian told journalists why yes, of course he would like to see Iran have better relations with the U.S.

This election comes in the context of the Iranian regime installing 1400 new high-speed uranium enrichment centrifuges in a deep underground site in Fordow, basically doubling their capacity to make weapons grade material. Serious stuff, indeed!

My Iranian friends are profoundly skeptical of anyone who calls himself a “reformist” in Iran. Indeed, how can you reform a regime that takes its cue from Allah?

But my insider sources tell me that Pezeshkian, who tried to run for president in 2021 and was disqualified, has the support of many senior members of the regime’s nomenclature, who secretly want to get rid of the Velayat-e faqih system.

That is the so-called “Islamic” system, installed by Khomeini in 1980, that ordains a clerical dictatorship. Tear that down, and the Islamic regime in Tehran falls – whether quietly, or with a big bang, remains to be seen.

I get it that this is a lot to digest. But we live in interesting times and you need to be prepared.

Yours in freedom.

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