This story is not suitable for children.

Mr. Pieter Janssen, entrepreneur, stands at the door of café De Jaren in the center of Amsterdam. He is the director of Janssen Trade Company, a trading company.

A neat middle-aged lady wants to enter the café. Mr. Janssen opens the door for her. He walks after her into the neat business.

Café De Jaren is a typical Amsterdam café, where intellectuals like to come. Most of the people who come there know each other. Most of the people who come there have left-wing political opinions.

The businessman walks quietly to a table in the middle. The place is full. Everyone looks at him.

He fixes his tie for a moment, then puts his black plastic case on the table. He snaps it open and takes out some papers. Now he turns his phone off completely. He doesn’t want to be disturbed!

He orders a beer from the tap. As he begins to read the papers, the other guests in café De Jaren begin to gossip about him. They think he doesn’t fit in their midst, yet they also respect him for being so extremely correct.

Pieter Janssen furrows his brow, and with a silver Parker pen makes some notes on a small piece of paper. He finishes his beer.

Now he pays, leaving a 5 Euro bill on the table. He walks quickly out of the store, annoyed that his suit has become a tiny bit crumpled.

As he stands outside on the sidewalk, in the heart of Amsterdam, a black Audi A6 pulls up. It is his cab, which he had ordered earlier.

He gets in the back, and says to the driver:

“Dear Hassan, I’m appalled. I have been screwed. I just found out! Can you drive me to my office as soon as possible? I’ll pay you extra, if you accelerate a bit!”

Hassan, the cab driver now looks at Mr. Janssen through the rearview mirror with his dark brown eyes. He asks him:

“Would you like me to put on your favorite music, during the ride?”

Mr. Janssen confirms that he wants this. Through narrow and wide streets, the Audi A6 now tears toward the business center in Amsterdam South-East. Inside the car sounds -not too loud- the Rock music of Axel Rudi Pell.

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

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