Steven Crowder Dominates Presidential Debate Coverage; Crashes Rumble With #1 Live Stream Worldwide

  • Louder with Crowder’s Trump vs. Biden | DEBATE MEGA STREAM sent shockwaves through the media landscape Thursday night, beating out numerous corporate media entities competing for the same space.
  • Streaming live to Rumble, YouTube, and MugClub, Louder with Crowder’s debate stream was being watched by nearly 250,000 concurrent viewers at its peak.
  • Despite Rumble crashing for nearly 45 minutes due to the popularity, more than one million eventually tuned in on the YouTube competitor alone.
  • Crowder touted Thursday nights stream as the “kick off” to Election 2024 for Team Crowder and announced major plans for their Election Night coverage in November.
  • Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski responded, “Rumble is challenging corporate media.”
  • According to, Rumble posted an all-time record Thursday evening, reaching 718,909 concurrent live viewers. Louder with Crowder accounted for nearly 200,000 of them.

DALLAS, TX /PRNewswire/ — Steven Crowder’s Louder with Crowder kicked off their Election 2024 coverage Thursday night in epic fashion. With drinks in hand, Steven Crowder, comedian Nick Di Paolo, and Louder with Crowder CEO Gerald Morgan provided the internet’s best and most watched live reaction coverage of the Presidential Debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The record-setting livestream saw 248,500 concurrent viewers at its peak across Rumble, YouTube, and MugClub. It featured their iconic drinking game and live fact checking from Louder with Crowder’s rapid response team.

Crowder also gave a huge update on his plans for Election Night to ensure that what happened in 2020, never happens again. He informed the audience that Louder with Crowder is currently building an exclusive Election Integrity Map website that will give all Americans access to the same real-time election data from around the country that every mainstream media outlet has access to. This will this give Crowder and his team the ability to call States in real time.

Steven Crowder and his team are going to be a force for election integrity come November.

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