The Dems are NOT panicking over Biden’s performance: They’re secretly celebrating!

Contrary to what the Mockingbird Socialist Media, MSM, is announcing all over the news, Biden’s abysmal “debate” performance was not unexpected. In fact, it was the whole point! It’s the reason the Dems wanted this debate in June, before the parties’ conventions even take place. In other words, before either Trump or Biden become their parties’ actual nominees!

Therein lies the rub.

You’d better believe the Dems have war-gamed this election to the hilt, including all their time-tested cheating methods and Soros’ newest contribution of taking over the radio waves. They know full well, and knew this even when Usurper-in-Chief Biden was unconstitutionally installed in office in 2021, that he would be a one-term Usurper—a mere stand-in for Obama.

They had a master plan all along, as Wayne Allyn Root has been writing about for years. It’s all about Obama.

Biden inherited much of Hussein Obama’s cabinet, along with other Obama operatives. And by now we’ve learned why Obama, unlike any past president except for disastrous Progressive Woodrow Wilson, remained in D.C. after his terms had ended. It makes it that much more convenient for Barry to be giving Biden his instructions from just across the street, so to speak.

Plus, with the Obamas living in their multi-million dollar D.C. mansion, their planned move back into the White House would be that much easier.

Because, of course the Dems will run Michelle as O’Biden’s replacement!

That would constitute Barack’s fourth illegal, unconstitutional term, and enable him to fulfill his Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky-inspired plan to “fundamentally transform America.” “Fundamental transformation” in this context can only mean upending our Republic, our Constitution, and our free enterprise system from our Founding—based on our God-given rights as individuals to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—to a top-down Marxist Oligarchy/Technocracy, i.e. the enslavement of We the People.

So not only did the Dems want Biden to fail this debate miserably, I suspect they made sure he would. I have little doubt they sabotaged him, quite possibly giving him sedatives rather than hyping him up with amphetamines, Adderall, etc., or just giving him placebos and letting nature take its course.

Here’s what we can determine their brilliant week of debate coaching amounted to: they seemingly told Biden to start sentences with “The very idea…”, since he did that over and over again, to ill effect. And then, to give him something else to hold on to, they likely coached him to number his points: “Number one…” “Number two…”, etc. Too bad he had no real content to put between those numbers.

On the other hand, Trump was, as Don Feder put it, masterful. He never took Biden’s mean-spirited bait. Instead, for the most part, he maintained gentlemanly restraint, while getting in some well-deserved barbs.

But he missed one opportunity I wish he’d taken: When Joe finally got around to throwing this Dem talking-point trophy at Trump: “The only person in this stage [who] is a convicted felon is the man I’m looking at right now,” Trump might have shot back: “Well, the man I’m looking at is an unconvicted felon—many times over!”

Here’s an interesting quote from Axios:

Top White House aide Anita Dunn and top Michelle Obama aide Melissa Winter recently had lunch and talked about specific ways Biden’s campaign could involve the former first lady, two people familiar with the matter told Axios.

Asked whether Michelle Obama would speak at the Democrats’ August convention in Chicago — her hometown — a spokesperson for her declined to comment. 

One might be forgiven for reading between the lines…

Even the Paper of Record, the New York Times, says: “President Biden struggled through his first debate of the 2024 campaign against Donald J. Trump, meandering and mumbling through answers…”.

That makes it official: the Dems have just thrown Sleepy Joe under the bus!

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