A Significant Collection of Outrages Against Liberty and Truth

1. Canada now subsidizes housing for non whites only.

This is not unprecedented here though. In Ottawa and Toronto there are several apartment buildings which are subsidized rent and for Muslims only. This breaks several laws at several levels. Vlad Tepes has reported on this before and with photos and addresses of some of them. As one might expect, complaining about the illegality of it to the same people who created it in the first place is more likely to get the complainant destroyed than address the crime. I am reliably informed that there is one of them near the Ikea in Ottawa’s West end. It can be identified because it has a mesh on all the balconies. I won’t say why as it was off the record. But the point is that it is likely that this site pointing out the fact that there are Muslim only buildings, itself illegal, which have subsidized rents by one level or more of the government, which is also a crime, is probably going to be treated as the crime. This is the new normal. We have to change that.

2. The following story by a TwitterXer is an excellent illustration of the REAL purpose of LGBTQ ‘celebrations’ and activities.

Full text:

To whom it may concern,
There is a small town on the North Fork of Long Island in New York called Greenport.
It’s wine country and has been booming for the last couple of decades and really exploded during Covid.
Always used to be filled with bachelorette parties, families and people looking to eat farm to table.
The chart on Greenport is a straight shot to the moon. Better than bitcoin.
I’m an investor in neighboring towns, so I know it well.
It’s a Greek / American hotspot as many of our family members brought the town to prominence.
The last couple of summers and especially this one the locals have been complaining that it’s been quiet.
Restaurant owners wondering where the people are. Stores closing at weird hours.
Empty streets, piers, parks, carousels and empty retail stores.
I walk around often and have seen the businesses suffering, tourists lacking and the streets not filled with laughter.
You know why?
Because in a 4-5 block radius in the town I saw over 20 pride flags ????
Some stores draped in them, but nobody is shopping, eating or drinking.
Yet they still ask what’s happening,
Couldn’t be more obvious to a father.
As a father of three, I can tell you parents who have visited one time, won’t be back.
Why would they, and I don’t blame them.
Why am I here? Cause I own properties.
Otherwise I wouldn’t.
It’s become perverted and desolate.
Like a cult has taken over.
Greenport won’t recover unless the American flags rise and families see that and come back.
You gay? Lesbian?
That’s cool, do your thing.
You have sexualized the town and now the money is going elsewhere.
People just want a coffee, sushi, a steak, a muffin and some ice cream.
They don’t care about who you sleep with, and to constantly explain to their kids what’s happening.
Everyone is going places where they can just be normal and have fun.
There are tons of towns like this across the USA close to big cities. They come because of how awesome conservatives made them, and destroy them for nobody to care again.
Sincerely, A Logical Father & business man.

3. Democrat voters now mostly consist of the dead and the criminal

Malliotakis Sounds Alarm on Potential Voter Registration at NYC Migrant Shelters

(STATEN ISLAND, NY) – Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today joined local elected officials in sounding the alarm on New York City potentially registering tens of thousands of noncitizens at New York City migrant shelters to vote. 

Malliotakis filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request to receive the contract between New York City and Homes for the Homeless, which operates the migrant shelter at 1111 Father Capodanno Boulevard on Staten Island. Upon receiving the contract, Malliotakis discovered the City is requiring migrant shelter contractors to distribute voter registration cards, assist migrants in registering to vote, and promote campaign material within the shelters themselves. 

Malliotakis had previously expressed concerns that migrants would be eligible to vote under Local Law 11 passed by the City Council under Mayor Bill de Blasio. In January 2022, Malliotakis and other Staten Island Republican elected officials sued to stop the law from taking effect. In June, a Staten Island judge ruled in their favor, however, Mayor Adams appealed the decision and a final determination has not been made by the Appellate Court. 

“There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system,” said Congresswoman Malliotakis. “The right to vote is a sacred right given only to United States citizens, and certainly not one provided to those who crossed over our border illegally and made their way to New York City last month. The City better not be acting in violation of the judge’s ruling that struck down the noncitizen voting law that would have allowed 800,000 noncitizens with a Green Card or Work Authorization and who have resided in New York City for 30 days, to vote. The only thing that may be stopping the registration of these noncitizens is our lawsuit that halted the law from taking effect, but it’s very disturbing that in their own contracts, the City is requiring contractors to distribute registration forms while prohibiting them from asking citizenship status.” 

4. GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau Liberals attacking free speech on climate change

While Liberal MPs desperate to get re-elected next year are busy knifing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the back, the Trudeau government has just passed a draconian new law against free speech aimed primarily at Canada’s oil and gas sector.
Buried in two paragraphs of the more than 500 pages of Bill C-59, omnibus legislation implementing budgetary measures previously announced by the government, are vague new rules under the Competition Act, ostensibly intended to combat “greenwashing” – when individuals or businesses makes false claims about the environmental benefits of their products or policies.

This includes efforts to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions under the Trudeau government’s climate change plan to achieve “net zero” emissions in 2050.

The legislation classifies false claims as deceptive marketing practices and expands the power of the federal government through its competition bureau to impose fines of up to $750,000 on individuals and $10 million on businesses (or 3% of annual gross revenues) for a first offence, and up to $1 million for individuals and $15 million for businesses for subsequent offences. It also provides for criminal prosecution if the claims are found to have been made knowingly or recklessly.

To simplify: You must go along with, and never contradict the Climate narrative. To use truth to combat the Line of Effort against Western industry using the utterly untrue notion that man made CO2 is an existential threat, can and will be criminally prosecuted.

This can be seen as an application of the Frankfurt School’s Discourse Theory. Marcuse and his disciple, Habermas created this:

Frankfurt School’s Marcuse on how minority can dominate majority

“Freedom, means the freedom to say 2+2=4” -George Orwell in the voice of Winston Smith from 1984.

5. According to Redacted, Portugal has declared the the PCR tests, fraudulently used to determine Covid and set policy on the results, should never have been used to restrict freedoms. That the PCR test gacve a 97% false positive result for Covid. Just like its creator, Kary Mullis who mysteriously died in 2019, said it would.

Kerry Mullis on the PCR test and the political use of its results

Kasry Mullis on Anthony Fauci

Thank you all for checking out this site.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column with videos posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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