Is Jill Biden the power behind the throne? Is Jill Lady Macbeth?

“Woodrow Wilson was physically and mentally disabled during most of his presidency so the country was essentially run by his wife Edith Galt Wilson ,with the President largely kept out of sight. Today the Babysitter is running America. Good luck, Democrats.” — Roger Stone, on X.

“As usual for me, although I was interested in Macbeth, I was intrigued by his wife, a lady recorded as Gruoch, a name I have softened to Cora for modern readers. What especially caught my attention was the fact that she appears to have held at least as much of the royal line as her husband. Not only that but she seems to have been crowned as queen regnant rather than just queen consort (i.e. with an equal share in power) and to have taken a strong role in the rule of Scotland – or Alba as it was then known.” — Joanna Courtney, The Real Lady Macbeth.

After Joseph Robinett Biden, Jr.’s disastrously bad appearance on CNN against his political opponent President Donald J. Trump, many are speculating on who might replace Biden on the Democrat ticket.

My question is: Who is truly running the White House today?

Might I suggest that it is Jill Biden. It is she who is at her husband’s side at all times.

It was Jill who led a confused and disoriented Joe off of the stage after the CNN debate.

WATCH: Joe Biden assisted off stage by wife Jill after trainwreck debate against Trump

After the Presidential debate here’s what Jill, not Joe, said:

It was Jill, not Joe, who hosted Pride Month celebration at White House.

WATCH: President Biden And First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Arrive In Hamptons For Post-Debate Fundraiser

The Bottom Line

The real power behind the White House throne is Jill Biden.

It is Jill Biden, not Joe, who is out in public defending her husband and his failed policies. It is Jill who is on major network programs like The View.

WATCH: It’s  Jill Biden, not Joe, who’s talking about age in the 2024 Race, and the role of women voters on The View

WATCH: It’s Jill Biden, not Joe, talking about campus protests and the youth vote, and consumer prices on The View

It’s Jill. not Joe. who is campaigning.

So, who is the real Democrat candidate for president in 2024?

If there is a decision by the DNC to drop Joe, then it will be Jill who has the greatest say on who is his replacement.

My guess that Lady Jill, not Michelle Obama, who will be at the top of the DNC’s list.

We could very well see a Jill/Kamala ticket nominated at the DNC Convention in Chicago.


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  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    Yes – Jill Biden but with directions from Barak Hussein Obama and with $ from Communists George Soros, Bill Gates and other WEF Davos billionaires.


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