The 4 Musketeers

10 policemen from the Amsterdam Police Department have arrived at the capital’s Central Station in a hurry. Among them is 1 experienced detective.

An anonymous phone call had come in, that a dead body had been found, behind the Central Station. By the way; it is 3 o’clock in the night, and there are very few people.

The corpse turns out to belong to an American businessman, of Irish descent. Nothing was stolen from him.

The blood-soaked corpse is carefully placed in an ambulance. The experienced detective immediately begins his investigation.

People are questioned, whether they saw anything. But no one claims to have seen anything. Then the police spot 2 young gigolos. Gigolos are young male prostitutes. They have been watching from a distance the whole time.

3 cops, including 1 woman, step up to the gigolos, to question them. Their stories don’t add up. For example, 1 says he saw a red car with 4 men in it, who committed the murder, but the other says he saw a blue car with the perpetrators in it.

Now the detective comes out of the ambulance. He tells his story to all his colleagues. He tells them that the victim died from the entry into the upper body of 4 different bullets from 4 different guns.

Police are now getting word on a lab top, that the cameras at Central Station have been off for 10 minutes. The cause of the malfunction is unknown.

1 of the officers, having had enough, now says to his colleagues:

“Let’s go back to the station. I’ll type up a report”.

The other agents and the detective nod in agreement. They get into their cars and drive away. The ambulance leaves with flashing lights on for an unknown location.

Two hours are now up, since the murder. Somewhere in Drenthe, a quiet province in the east of the Netherlands, 4 young men sit together in a small house.

They form a secret society: the 4 Musketeers. The 4 tough young men were all sexually abused in their youth. They know each other’s secret, but they never talk about it.

They drink a glass of red wine, and look contentedly at a fireplace. In it burn 3 logs.

1 of them says now, with trembling hands:

“We have been successful. But we must be careful”.

Another answers him:

“Let’s lay low for a few years. I am afraid we will be caught otherwise”.

The other 2 members of the secret society also say now, that the time has come, to take a break.

There is also a large sheepdog lying by the fireplace. He is chewing on a large cow bone. The dog begins to cry.

No one near the house can hear the conversation, but people nearby can hear the howling dog.


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