America and Reassessment

America is at a point in time of reassessment of the American purpose, and the posture of those seeking election as to their clear and even already demonstrated posture in this regard. This goes to local, county and state offices, as well as national elected offices. While facts matter to voters, the psychology of the political environment actually sways voters. The political environment is in turmoil, and the psychology of the voter is becoming increasingly and noticeably uneasy.

Socialist Democrats have come of age, and while incubating over the years, having begun to publicly demonstrate during the Obama years, Democrats have seen nothing like what they, themselves, have spawned and brought forward at this time and juncture. The communist tilting Dems in our U.S. Congress (and elsewhere) would simply be an enigma if the general populous were properly informed by media, but this is not the case at all, especially since the preponderant majority of media across the country is complicit with the socialist movement. Don’t leave RINO Republicans out of this mix. For ranks are closing in many ways to thwart our Republic, to alter our Constitution, to go around the Rule of Law, to cast aside the values and principles our Forefathers brought to us as a gift, and substitute something foreign to how our country was founded and raised. We are at a point in time as to whether we will decide to keep what was given to us, or discard the gift of being a Republic, not merely a Democracy.

It was Benjamin Franklin walking out of Independence Hall in Philadelphia after the Constitutional Convention adjourned in 1787, who said in response to a question shouted to him, “Doctor Franklin, what have we got? A Republic or a monarchy?” To which Benjamin Franklin, “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

“A republic, if you (we) can keep it.” We have politicians galore (few servant leaders) in offices today who are working NOT at keeping our republic but transforming our country into something it was never, ever intended to become. We are being pushed by former 1960s radical, anti-establishment, anti-America activists who remain raged-filled, angry, bitter pro-socialists, statists with mammoth government beliefs, unbridled power, and their underlings who have been “dumbed-down” by an educational system no longer preparing students to assume responsible positions in society or who have any idea of the history and meaning of this exceptional nation. Both older and younger socialists want to see America bowed, even broken. They no longer want the Constitution as the Law of the Land unless they can convince all around them, and beyond, that this document is really outdated and should be used only as a guide. Chip…chip…chip away at the Constitution until this once guiding foundational document is merely an idea, a fluid set of suggestions.

Where are the protectors of our great Republic? Where are the defenders of this exceptional Nation? Where are the public office holders who will stand and not make their reelection a priority; or make moving up to the next available higher office their agenda; or be concerned to position themselves for maximum financial gain by corporations and lobbyists? Where are the elected officials who understand, who truly “get it” that their highest responsibility is to represent WE THE PEOPLE.

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