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A helpful way for you to check out my 2024 Critical Thinking commentaries that you may have missed.

Since we are at the midpoint of 2024, let’s look back. As I continue to add readers, some of them are probably not aware of Critical Thinking commentaries I published earlier in the year or before. Yes, anyone can check out the Archives — but do they?

In any case the Archives are chronologically arranged, while this 2024 list of my commentaries is sorted by topic. Although some commentaries could be under more than one topic, I put them where they seemed to be most applicable.

I had to do this manually, so there might be a typo, etc. someplace. Hopefully this list will be of value to you.

Note 1: The comments for all these article are still open, so feel free to share your insights, after any commentary listed.

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Note 3: To go one step further back, check out the 2023 Archives by topic.

Note 4: I was a bit surprised how relatively evenly the commentaries were divided by topic. That said, if you’d like to see more about a particular topic, please say so in the comments below.

I think that the depth and breadth of the material covered here speaks for itself. Please pass this free information onto other open-minded parties. Thank you for your support!


Critical Thinking Is THE Answer: The benefits available to Critical Thinkers are simply STUPENDOUS

What is Critical Thinking?

What’s the Opposite of Critical Thinking?

Is Critical Thinking a Good or Bad Thing?


The Most Powerful Education Idea Ever? A Single New High School Science Class Would Be Revolutionary

Utilizing the Power of School Choice: What a waste if not fully optimized!

Addressing Student Behavior Issues in K-12 Public Schools: A slew of liberal ideas has contributed to this becoming a formidable problem

Saving K-12 Private Schools: What seems daunting is actually rather simple

Saving American Children – Part 1, aka Saving America – Part 1

Saving American Children – Part 2, aka Saving America – Part 2


Change Beliefs => Change Actions: An example

Some Observations about Beliefs – Part 1: This is not about religious beliefs, but rather our beliefs about everything…

Some Observations about Beliefs – Part 2: Some of my Business and Personal Beliefs

Some Observations about Beliefs – Part 3: How to change the Beliefs of others — which will change their Actions…


It’s Time to Make a Strategic PR Pivot in Dealing with the Climate Change Issue: Nothing short of Traditional Science is at stake here

Who is Winning the Climate Change War? Also: proof that the Climate and COVID alarmists used the same tactics…

Carbon Capture Doesn’t Work, So Why Are They Doing It? This is yet again another VERY bad idea…


“All of the Above” — a VERY Bad Idea. This is a lobbyist energy motto — not a Science-based one

Wind Turbines = Enormous “Unintended” Consequences. The inevitable result when political science is substituted for real Science

Wind Turbine Related Radiation. Wind Energy is NOT Free, Clean, or Green

Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 1: Radiation from Normal Nuclear Facility Operations, Waste, and Misc…

Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 2: Radiation from Facility Accidents, Man-made Disasters, and Natural Disasters

Nuclear Is A Renewable Energy. Wind and Solar lobbyists are fighting this reality


Defending John Eastman — Part 3: Bad news, but it’s not a surprise anymore…

An Election Integrity Analogy: Good Efforts do NOT assure Good Results

A Proposed Federal Election Integrity Law: This is WAY overdue!

1 – How to Win the US Presidency — The upcoming elections have never been more important. Again.

2 – The Rhyme and Reason of Negative Ballots? Our election system’s gaping loophole of non-transparent ballot “corrections”

3 – 2020 Presidential Election Related Lawsuits: What they did (and did not) reveal

4 – Should Voting Machines be Scrapped? Do they make reported election results more accurate?

5 – Have We had Honest or Dishonest Elections? Knowing which one we are dealing with makes a WORLD of difference…


My Assessment of the Debate — A Non-political Perspective

Trump NY Trial Commentary: Your rights as an American citizen are directly at stake here

A Different Perspective on What’s Dividing Us (Culture differences explain some things better than racial differences do…)

More Misleading Statistics: Critical Thinkers will not be fooled!

Fixing Congress’ Worst Problem (And you’ve likely never even heard about it!)


Book Author(s) Wanted! Write a Guaranteed NY Times Best Seller

Ten (10) Ways Science is Being Attacked There are more, but this is the condensed version…

How I “Made Sea Level Rise Go Away”! A short story behind the story

Mann v Steyn (and us) An exceptionally important trial started January 16, 2024

More Evidence that Critical Thinking has Left the Building: The jury’s Mann v Steyn conclusion


More Deception from Once Reliable Medical Sources: Paxlovid, Part 1 (If we can’t trust Johns Hopkins, what established sources are left?)

More Deception from Once Reliable Medical Sources: Paxlovid, Part 2 (If we can’t trust Johns Hopkins, what established sources are left?)


Is This AI Deception or Incompetence? Or Both — or Something Else?…


Let’s Not Offend Anyone! Who makes up the rules for secular religions?


At What Point Do We Say ENOUGH? (III) Critically thinking about what’s happening to America

Solving Some Major Societal Problems (Using Critical Thinking Skills makes it MUCH Easier to do)

Let’s Have More Civility…Is this possible under current circumstances?

There is No Such Thing as Social Justice Here

The “Evils of Whiteness — Yet another element of the secular religion


Our Strongest Strength can be our Greatest Weakness: Plus a suggested solution

Mind Control via Confusion, etc. This will only get worse, so get educated!


Private Property Rights: A common issue when wind or solar projects are being proposed

My Being on a National TV Quiz Show! A brief version of what happened

Good or Bad: You Decide (An unpleasant life experience…)

An Insurance Scam that Affects Us All: We are being fleeced by film-flam artists

The Smartest Person in the World Wiffs: Marilyn vos Savant makes a major gaff

Read About An Apparently Amazing Person — Someone I wish I knew!

College Football is a Microcosm of our Society: Who is at Fault for the Transfer Portal Debacle: Colleges, or Athletes, or?

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