President Trump: I Will Build American ‘Iron Dome’

“We’re going to build it in America,” he added. “Israel has it. Israel has it. Why don’t we have it?”

Trump pushes for much-larger ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system in US: ‘Why don’t we have it?’

By Victoria Churchill and Rich Calder, NY Post, June 22, 2024:

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump pledged Saturday to protect the United States with a much-larger version of Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile-defense system if he wins a second term in the White House.

“In my next term, we will build a great Iron Dome over our country — a dome like has never been seen before,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee told more than 1,000 predominantly evangelical Christians at a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, DC.

“A state-of-the-art missile-defense shield that will be entirely built in America and create jobs, jobs, jobs.”

“We’re going to build it in America,” he added. “Israel has it. Israel has it. Why don’t we have it?”

Trump — who’s previously floated the idea — has yet to offer specifics, such as whether it would cover the country’s entire perimeter and what the cost would be.

America towers in size compared with Israel, which has about as much land as the state of New Jersey….

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