The Guys from Almere

Two hard core criminals from the Amsterdam underworld flew with KLM to Indonesia for a short vacation. They are two young men around thirty years old. They have dark blond hair, and they do not wear jewelry. They are dressed in polo shirts of an American brand. They wear loose fitting beige pants underneath, also of an American brand. Their shoes are of the Timberland brand. Although they belong in Amsterdam’s underworld scene, they live in Almere.

When they arrive at the front desk of the Hotel Mandarin in Jakarta, they receive a friendly welcome. They do not have to show or surrender their passports.

They are given a room with two separate beds, on the fourth floor of the high-rise hotel.

Once they arrive in their room, they immediately begin unpacking their suitcases. They carefully place their clothes in the closet.

“I’ll be alone in the bathroom for about 12 minutes,” one criminal says to the other. He pulls the door shut behind him, throwing the lock on it. The other criminal lies down on the bed, resting from the long journey.

At the stroke of noon in the evening, the two gentlemen step out of the hotel. On the street they stop a cab. They ask the driver if he can take them to a famous nightclub!

The cab drives a long way through Jakarta. Eventually they arrive at a very ordinary building. It does not say that it is a disco, but the driver assures them, that they will have beautiful evening, if they go inside.

It indeed turns out to be a discotheque! There are more than 400 people inside. House music is playing loudly. The two criminals look everywhere in the large dark hall, but do not see a DJ anywhere.

They see a very beautiful Javanese woman, surrounded by something like 12 less beautiful women. The beauty sees them too, and has to smile!

The two criminals know they are successful with the Indonesian women, and decide to speak to her. One of them says to the Javanese beauty:
“What can I do for you? Do you know that this world is very dangerous for a pretty woman like you?”

The young lady now looks angry out of her eyes, and says:

“Thank you, bapak. I am in danger all the time. Do you see that man over there? He is staring at me all the time. He has said to his friends that he wants to rape me”.

The criminal who started the conversation now says to his friend:

“John, will you get him? Do it for her!”

The other criminal now pulls out a plastic gun from his pants. Of course, you are now thinking that pistols cannot be made of plastic, yet they can. The gun is made up of all separate parts. It is easy to assemble. The individual parts are not noticeable if one smuggles them through customs in, say, a toiletry bag with other products. The pistol is loaded with a small and thin arrow 3 centimeters long. It is fired by pulling a plastic trigger, which disengages a spring. The metal arrow can be smuggled along in a metal pen by customs.

The criminal with the gun walks calmly among the dancing people toward the man threatening the woman he and his friend want to help. The dancing people do not look at him; they are absorbed in the music.

When he is right in front of his victim, he looks at him briefly, and fires his gun into his stomach. He walks directly back to his friend and the young lady. The victim remains standing for a while, but slowly sinks to the ground after 1 minute. No one notices. Everyone is busy with the music.

[ *** ]

The next morning, the two criminals stand at the reception desk of the famous hotel. They ask the doorman if he can arrange a driver for them, for a trip to the Borobudur.

The doorman walks out of his hotel, looks to the left, and claps his hands. From a great distance away, a black Nissan SUV now approaches. The driver speaks no English. The four of them agree on a price for a long ride to the Borobudur.

Once on the road, just outside Jakarta, the driver puts a CD by The Scorpions into the Nissan’s audio system. All three of them enjoy the soft Rock music….

As they pass Bandung, the driver makes several phone calls. He cannot be understood by the 2 Dutchmen. They hear him talking about a hotel, and about commission.

Now the Driver makes a roadside stop. He is hungry. They go into a restaurant right by the road. The food there is good. They drink a Heineken beer with it. The driver also drinks with them, but sits at a separate table. He keeps an eye on his car….

The drive to the Borobudur continues. The driver is now driving very fast. He has put a CD of chamber music by Bach in the audio system.

In the evening they arrive. The driver now says to them in fluent English:

“Sorry gentlemen, I fooled you. I do speak English. You are now at the Buddhist monument Borobudur. It’s very old. You should know that I arranged beds for you in an exclusive hotel nearby. Everything has been taken care of. Tomorrow I will bring you back to Jakarta”.

The criminals laugh! So they have been cheated after all, something that rarely happens to them! They shake hands with the man and thank him in Indonesian: “Terima kasih, Bapak”.

After paying entrance fees, they walk onto the grounds. Without you can tell by looking at them, they take in the Borobudur. They are deeply impressed, but they don’t show it.

When they have climbed the Borobudur, they both look at the beautiful landscape, in which the Borobudur fits so nicely. There is still sunlight, even though it is evening.

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