Klaus Schwab tells globalist-elitist followers they must ‘force’ humanity into a world ruled by AI and other dehumanizing technologies

Schwab’s blunt language shows globalists are no longer hiding their agenda, if only people would listen and take them seriously. But they know most are zombies no longer able to think for themselves.

World Economic Forum founder and director Klaus Schwab, speaking at the WEF’s recently concluded summer meeting in China, has informed his elitist followers that ushering in the globalist agenda will require humanity to be “forced” into a “collaboration” with the unelected organization. And the time for forced collaboration has now arrived.

Schwab made the declaration during his opening remarks at the WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as the “Summer Davos,” in Dalian, China.

He praised China for its economic policies, which are seen by the globalists as the model of top-down centralized planning in a high-tech surveillance state run through smart cities, smart EVs, smart homes, smart appliances, smart meters, and AI, digital IDs and CBDCs, all of which hold one thing in common — they come with on-off switches not under the control of the end user, which is we the people. In their ideal world, we live as slaves at the privilege of our masters. We get out of line, they can cut off our electric power, our electric car, our electronic digital money, everything.

Schwab told the elitist participants gathered in China that they must “force” humanity into a “collaboration” with the unelected WEF. This is why Schwab told his globalist comrades at a previous meeting over two years ago to expect an “angrier world.” When you force people to live in ways that controvert their best interests, it tends to make them angry! They know their policies related to a green economy, perpetual wars and severe restrictions on food production will be extremely unpopular and cause civil wars on top of the world war they already have planned.

Schwab stated:

“To drive future economic growth we must embrace innovation and force the collaboration across sectors, regions, nations, and cultures to create a more peaceful, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future. At this critical juncture the active participation of all stakeholders is essential to ensure a sustainable development path.”

Of course the biggest stakeholders of all, those paying taxes to fund governments, have no seat at the table in Schwab’s elitist meetings. And that’s by design. We are seen by these globalist predators as useless eaters, part of a herd that needs to be culled in order to preserve global resources for themselves. Speaking like a true Malthusian, Schwab said “we must force humanity into collaboration” with the WEF schemes to depopulate the planet under the guise of climate change.

Watch the video clip where Schwab touts the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies” such as artificial intelligence. This is why they don’t need as many of us on the planet as in the past. AI will perform most of the tasks for the elites. They don’t need as many human slaves.

Later in his speech, Schwab returned to the topic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution while doubling down on the theme of this year’s meeting, stating that there are “limits to growth.” In globalist-speak, “limits to growth” is code for “activate depopulation agenda.”

Limits to Growth is the title of a key globalist tome published by the Club of Rome in 1972. One of the co-authors, Dennis Meadows, said six years ago in an interview that the world’s population must be reduced from the current 8 billion down to 1 or 2 billion. Meadows said he hopes this massive depopulation could be done in a “peaceful way.”

Notice, Meadows says he would like to see a “smart dictatorship” brought upon the earth. This is the global technocracy in which people’s lives are ruled by scientists, engineers and other “experts.” Politicians, if they even exist under this vision, will be figureheads only. We already see that happening. Does anyone think Joe Biden is actually in charge of anything?

And yet, this is the man we are told we elected to represent us in 2020. Anyone who believes Biden is making his own decisions, or has made any important decisions from day one, is fundamentally gullible and deceived. He is a Manchurian candidate and has been from day one, and because he has become senile to the point where his globalist handlers are no longer able to hide it, they are ready to replace him with a new puppet. The new puppet will look prettier and speak smoother, but he/she will no more be in charge of his or her actions as president than Biden has been.

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