Lesbian Witches Procreating in Disney+ Series, Star Wars: ‘The Acolyte’

Alerting all parents!

Currently available to stream on Disney+, Disney’s latest series, Star Wars: The Acolyte, pushes the LGBTQ agenda and witchcraft.

Recently released in June 2024, The Acolyte will use the imaginary “force” to create children from lesbians. This exclusively gay moment makes it apparent where Disney+ stands in the culture war – if parents were not already aware of the media company’s cultural stand.

Disney+ has been under pressure from the gay community to portray openly gay relationships in its TV shows and movies, including those created for families. This lesbian storyline makes it extremely obvious.

Parents presume that a streaming platform such as Disney+ is designed for children and is the last place parents would expect their children to be confronted with content regarding sexual orientation and sorcery. Issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, and this type of content is becoming extremely common and unnecessary.

Disney+ has decided once again to be politically correct versus providing family-friendly programming. But Disney+ should stick to entertaining instead of pushing an agenda. Conservative families need to urge Disney+ to exclude mature and controversial topics from their programming.


Sign this Disney+ pledge stating you will not support Disney or Disney+ unless they stick to producing and airing family-friendly programming.

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