New Government of the Netherlands!

Today in one of the palaces of our estimable King, there was a ceremony to swear in the new Ministers and Secretaries of State.

It did not go well, because it did not go according to the Law!

What didn’t go well? More than half of the new Ministers did not take an oath by God, but merely “declared and pledged” allegiance to the Fatherland.

The Constitution states that the Premier of our country must be a sincere believing Christian, a member of the Protestant Church Netherlands. The highest Pastor of our country must speak with him in private to figure this out.

All other members of the Government must say at least 1 prayer: that it may go well for the country. They too must all pledge allegiance to the Fatherland.

All members of the Government must take the oath by praying to God for strength to be faithful to the Constitution and the Fatherland. They must also pray for the Son of God, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the time of the turbulent 1960s, this tradition was overturned, and a run was made with our beautiful Constitution. Joop den Uyl introduced the possibility of taking a vow, instead of praying to God. Joop was a true Atheist, exactly as Karl Marx preferred.

So because the oath was not taken correctly by most of the new ministers, including the Prime Minister Dick Schoof, a curse has been called down on The Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It couldn’t be worse.

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