Another Nation Adopts Mandatory Biometric Digital ID System

Vietnam is the latest country to start implementing a mandatory biometric digital ID system.

The Vietnamese Law on Identity went into effect July 1 and will establish a detailed digital citizen identification system that will touch every citizen.

The iris biometric details of citizens will be collected along with fingerprints and facial images when citizens apply for an ID card, according to an article by, a website that tracks the global movement toward digitization of all things, including human beings.

Vietnam’s Identity Law introduces several key changes, including the mandatory collection of biometric information for citizens applying for ID cards. A clause in the law mandates that assigned state agencies will collect identification data, including facial images, fingerprints, and irises, from applicants. The government says the move is designed to bolster security and accuracy of identity verification processes.

According to Biometric Update:

“The introduction of this law is expected to have widespread implications across various sectors, particularly in banking, which is at the forefront of Vietnam’s digital transformation. With 87 percent of adults in Vietnam holding at least one bank account, according to VOV World, and 95 percent of transactions being processed digitally by many banks, the integration of advanced biometric data into identity verification processes is poised to further streamline digital banking services and enhance customer security.”

The article goes on to state that, “The Law on Identity encompasses several key provisions designed to achieve its objectives including the establishment of a centralized national database that stores the biometric and personal information of all citizens, and provision for the creation of digital identities that citizens can use for online transactions and interactions with government services.”

Being able to digitize every person’s identity marks the cornerstone of the globalists’ craving for complete control of all human activity. They tout digital IDs as the wave of the future in terms of payment systems for all goods and services, as well as for all travel, all dispensing of healthcare, government benefits, financial services, and of course you being in compliance with the globalized national-security state at airports, train stations and other points of entry.

This globalized national-security state is merging with the globalized surveillance state and there’s a lot of money being made by the private corporations contracting with governments to set up the infrastructure of digital slavery. The ability to track the movement of everything in real time centers on the adoption of this one thing — the biometric digital ID. The parallels to Revelation Chapter 13 in the Bible are uncanny and it’s all happening right in front of our faces. They will tell us it’s all about our safety, security and convenience, but that is nothing but a misdirection tactic to get us to ignore the dark side of this technology.

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