Democrats Say Biden Should Use Immunity to Assassinate Trump

How do they get away with such blatant high treason and depraved fascist thinking? The Democrat media axis and their academic co-conspirators have been doing the heavy lifting for decades…..

The Democrat party is the real threat to our Constitutional Republic.

Just remembering, presidential immunity is not new A sitting president of the United States has both civil and criminal immunity for their official acts since Ulysses S. Grant.

Dems Say Biden Should Use Immunity to Assassinate Trump

Just hours after the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity – Leftists are calling for President Biden to order the assassination of President Trump. Click here to get conservative news without social media censorship.

By: , July 2, 2024:

The Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision ruled a president does have substantial immunity for official acts in office. It’s a major blow to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against President Trump.

The majority ruling that the president is not above the law. But Congress may not criminalize the president’s conduct in carrying out the responsibilities of the Executive Branch under the Constitution.

Justice Clarence Thomas issued a blistering takedown of the special counsel – saying there are serious questions whether the Attorney General has violated the structure of the Constitution by creating an office of the Special Counsel that has not been established by law.

Thomas said in effect the attorney general “purported to appoint a private citizen as Special Counsel to prosecute a former President on behalf of the United States.”

Meanwhile, Justices Sotomayor and Jackson posed a question in their dissents – about whether a president would have immunity for ordering the assassination of a political rival. That sparked a flurry of leftists calling for Biden to put out a hit on President Trump. The same people who are calling Trump a threat to democracy are now calling for his death. This is insane stuff, folks.

Harry Sisson – one of Biden’s top Gen-Z surrogates – called for the president to take out Trump AND the Supreme Court. Writing on X: “According to the Supreme Court, Biden could now send in Seal Team 6 to take all of them out. He could send in the military to take out Trump. He has “immunity” for official acts now!”

National Justice correspondent Elie Mystal insinuated as much in a post on X – saying “Biden has the opportunity to do the funniest thing ever…”

Attorney Bradley P. Moss writing that the supreme court just gave Biden unequivocal immunity to order the military to take action against Trump. He further said that Biden can have the military execute Bannon in the prison showers tonight and be immune from prosecution.

Other leftists said the test case for the Supreme Court ruling is for Biden to assassinate Trump.

And BBC host David Aaronovitch wrote: “If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security.

Mr. Aaronvitch has since deleted his X account.

Chief Justice Roberts dismissed the concerns of the Diversity Hires on the bench – calling them extreme hypotheticals. He accused both of ignoring the separation of powers and court precedent. He said they were fear mongering from the bench.

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  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    Total Double Standard and Lawfare by the Marxist left. Threats against POTUS Trump should be investigted by Secret Service and those making threats should be raided and arrested just as the FBI has done with Trump supporters based strictly on politics with no crime committed.


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