Secretary of State Antony Blinken admits in the wide open federal government’s plans to use AI to censor Americans’ speech

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken admitted last week that the State Department is preparing to use artificial intelligence to “combat disinformation,” amidst a massive government-wide AI rollout that will involved the cooperation of Big Tech and other private-sector partners.

At a speaking engagement streamed last week with the State Department’s chief data and AI officer, Matthew Graviss, Blinken gushed about the “extraordinary potential” and “extraordinary benefit” AI has on our society, and “how AI could be used to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals which are, for the most part, stalled.”

He was referring to the United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goals, which represent a globalist blueprint for a one-world totalitarian system. These goals include the gai-worshipping climate agenda, along with new restrictions on free speech, the freedom of movement, wealth transfers from rich to poor countries, and the digitization of humanity. Now Blinken is saying these goals could be jumpstarted by employing advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

Listen to Blinken, in the video below, openly describe how the government will use AI to clamp down on the free speech of citizens. (Fast-forward to the 3-minute mark and watch through the 7:07 mark.)

Blinken bluntly stated the federal government’s intention to use AI for ”media monitoring” and “using it to combat disinformation, one of the poisons of the international system today.”

Don’t ever say they didn’t warn us. They are no longer hiding their agenda, but you have to search for it. When you find it, in posts like this, share it. Because the corporate media keeps these outrageous statements from high government officials hidden from we the people. Have you seen any stories from CNN or Fox News on the government’s self-admitted plan to use AI to censor our speech? I haven’t either.

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