RARE IDF BATTLE VIDEO: Face-to-Face Elimination of Terrorists

Elimination of terrorists this week: The “wolf unit” and the Elite “Paratrooper Patrol” in Shejaiya.

Documentation with a helmet-cam during “face-to-face” battles with terrorists in Shejaiya in the Gaza Strip

WARNING: Several dead terrorists can be seen in the video.

IDF BATTLE VIDEOS: Body cameras and drones of Nahal troops

Fighting in crowded neighborhoods in Rafah and using houses for terrorist tunnels: Documentation from the body cameras and drones of the Nahal fighters.

The battle team of the Nahal Brigade continues to fight in the Rafah area, led by Division 162.

As part of the last few weeks, the fighters have been carrying out intelligence-based scans and raiding terrorist targets in the region. In one of the searches carried out by the soldiers of the Nahal patrol, the soldiers located in a residence many weapons hidden in wardrobes, including: grenades, chargers, anti-tank launchers and missiles, cartridges and weapons.

In another scan made by a drone, a shaft was located under a children’s bed and in another room a passage was located in the wall created by Hamas terrorists in order to pass between residences in crowded neighborhoods.

The brigade’s fire complex destroyed terrorist infrastructure in the area, among them weapons warehouses, when after their attack secondary explosions were seen indicating a large amount of munitions.

EDITORS NOTE: This Newsrael News Desk column with videos is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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