Surprise, Surprise: Michelle’s running!

Wayne Root and many others, myself included, told you so…

The Dems are really fast workers.

Last Thursday, the fateful night of the June 27th debate, they threw Crooked Joe under the bus by withholding his Adderall, and letting him mutter, sputter and twist in the wind during the televised debacle, making Donald Trump look more presidential than ever.

Then the following day, the Dems threw Biden to the wolves, declaring they just now figured out he was hopelessly senile and unfit for walking across the stage, let alone for leading a great superpower.

They had fun yakking in their Mockingbird Media about whether or not he should be replaced as the candidate. Of course the obvious replacement, by rights, should be the Kackler herself: VP Kalamity Harris.

But her name never comes up because even the shameless Dems realize she’s an embarrassment. Of course so is The Sniffer, but he served their purpose as a malevolent puppet so they covered for him—until they didn’t. And now “Jillted” Joe is on his way out, along with his shockingly venal handler—I mean wife.

To the many people who assured us that Michelle would never run, I say eat your hats.

Perhaps they watched the Netflix special in 2023, in which Mrs. Obama said: “Politics is hard. And the people who get into it … you’ve got to want it. It’s got to be in your soul, because it is so important. It is not in my soul.”

News flash: Politicians lie.

In fact, as Joel Gilbert reveals in his book and documentary Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, not only has Michelle been politically ambitious all along, but she was mentored by radical Marxist Bernadine Dohrn, former leader of the far-left militant Weather Underground.

Like her husband Barack, Michelle is dedicated to the “fundamental transformation” of America into a Marxist hellhole. And irony of ironies, to build her career and cash in, she repeatedly sold out the poor black community in Chicago.

From Amazon’s description: Gilbert “… exposes Michelle Obama’s ‘I hate politics’ disclaimer as strategic cover for her intense lifelong political advocacy as he deconstructs Michelle’s best-selling autobiography, Becoming.”

More dreams from their real father: Karl Marx.

Who’s Polling Whom?

The Dems never even gave Dementia Joe and his clueless Dem supporters—who seemingly never noticed his incoherence, pathological lying and general inability to function like a normal person—adequate time to process this “shocking” development. Because a mere 6 days after the debate to end all debates, the Mockingbird Media announced not only that Michelle—the supposed politics-hater (who actually hates America) who would never consider running, is leading in “the polls.”

What polls, you may well ask? And who put her name in?

Poor Gavin! Now he’ll have to be content as the man who almost single-handedly destroyed California—a mere state—instead of finishing off the destruction of the entire nation. And after he’d cozied up to Xi Jinping in Beijing in preparation for his run! Well, maybe they’ll give him the VP slot and groom Gruesome for the future.

An Oversight

The Framers created a magnificent system and brilliant document in the Constitution; they foresaw and prevented so many possible abuses of power. But there’s something they never anticipated: that the wife of a man who’d served as president, could be elected herself—thereby arguably giving her husband another term—in this case, an unofficial and illegal third term (as Michelle’s husband), though in reality, a fourth term if we count the past 4 years with Obama as the active brain behind Comatose Joe. Not to mention that all these terms of office are unconstitutional, as Barry is not a natural born citizen even if he was born in Hawaii, as I’ve explained previously: no American citizen father and a mother too young to legally bestow citizenship on the child.

The Battle Unfolds

The MAGA millions may still foil the evil dreams of the Leftist totalitarians by voting in such droves that they propel Trump over the finish line to victory, though the Dems are sure to pull out all the stops in their numerous cheating schemes.

But were the Dems to win, Michelle could even turn out to be a two-term president, if there’s a nation left by then—in effect making Barack a five-term illegal, unconstitutional usurper! So much for discarding the “natural born citizen” requirement as irrelevant.

And lest you thought only the Leftist media is on board pimping for Michelle, the photo below is from an article on Fox News.

Read their article here.

Et tu, Fox?

Six days is all it took for the Dems to unceremoniously scrap Biden, announce that Michelle Obama, who was never running, is now polling better than Biden— an admittedly low hurdle—but also totally eclipsing the names of any other possible Dem candidates.

Miraculously, the Dems have also already determined not only that the reluctant Michelle will run, but that she’ll beat Trump—though she hasn’t campaigned, raised money, held any rallies, delivered any speeches, or debated the hugely popular Trump.

And they assure us she’ll not just squeak by, but beat him in a landslide!

Will wonders never cease?

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