“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson

Contrary to popular belief by the left America is a republic not a democracy. If you read our founding documents you will find that America functions best in conjunction with God and morality.  To deny that is to deny America. Of course most of the left can’t read so they are unaware and believe that the government grants their rights. They believe that unless they comply with the government they will lose their rights.  That is what the left is striving for. People living in fear of the government will comply.

This past week we celebrated Independence Day. July 4th is the date. Independence Day is its purpose. But what is independence?  What does Independence actually mean? This link will take you to the Declaration of Independence,

of which you will notice that the word democracy does not appear.  Please read the Declaration to your family. Read it to the children. Read it so that it is never forgotten and help your friends and family and fellow Americans understand what America is all about. If not you, who? If not now? When?

Our rights are natural rights coming from God our creator.  These rights can never be removed unless we give up the power and remove them. What is independence? Looking in the dictionary it is defined as free from outside control, not depending on others authority. Independence means freedom and liberty from heavy handed rules instilled by a monarch or dictator. America is to be governed by its people. The people created the government.  Therefore the people can change the government any time they want.

We must remember the governments is made of men.  They are people no better than we are. They like to think of themselves as the ruling class but that is only because we let them think they are superior.  Sadly with the power the people gave these men and women; they stopped being statesman and started being tyrants constantly wanting more and more. Enough was never enough.

It is time to redress our government. See this video to understand the power we gave away and what we must to gain it back. 

Human nature is to never be satisfied. So with this in mind, it is up to We the People to oversee and make sure the people who do not have America First , Last and Always do not return to office.   We The People give their representatives the power to make rules and laws that affect all the people request and require. Since we all come from different parts of the world we do not agree on everything. But we all agreed that morality and G-d played a role in our formation as a country. We also agreed that we are all equal and that the set of laws called the constitution would apply to us all equally.  That does not mean that the government is to take over our lives and tell us how to live what to eat, how we can travel, how we can move and how we should think.  Fortunately the Supreme Court has given us another chance by reigning in the regime and reminding them that they can only follow the constitution for their duties. Currently they overstepped. Listen to this great summary of the SCOTUS decisions. 

For the last several hundred years the left the Communists, the progressives, Globalists believe that the government provides the power for the people to exist. That is backwards from America which is why they hate America. They hate anyone who does not believe as they do.  Why do they believe that? Because the government made up of men and women are in power today. Once they have this power it is almost impossible for them to relinquish it.  So they lie to keep power, the extort, pay off, blackmail anyone in their way. They project their actions onto their opponent and accuse their opponent of the same infraction.

They lie and for example tell us that Trump is a dictator. Did he leave office when his term expired? Did he require certain laws to be eliminated by the federal government and put back in the hands of the states? He believed in letting the people decide how they wanted themselves to be governed. Covid, riots were in the hands of the state governors.  Sometimes it worked out great in the case of Roe v Wade. Sometimes it worked out horrible in the case of the riots where the governors did nothing. But all in all Trump recognized that the government was created by the people and therefore cannot turn around and make the government superior to the people. The concept of America is free and independent people who choose a government to make laws that they all will live by. That contract is called the Constitution and after you have finished reading the Declaration of Independence, I also suggest that you read the Bill of Rights the first 10 amendments of the Constitution. Learn them instill them upon your children because until they understand how America was formed and the importance of citizenship and why it is nothing to be given away freely they will never truly be free.

If Americans are to be free then we have to understand the power of citizenship and recognize that giving it away and diluting it will only make us slaves. We are granted our rights from our creator not our government. It is up to us to make sure that that the people we elect understand that.  The message has been skewed but the people are beginning to see the results of those lies and they are beginning to recognize that those in power today do not have Americans interests at heart. So it is time to make a change but you cannot make a change unless the people are educated in the truth and the truth lies in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution and our founding documents. It is our job to make sure our children can read and write and have a clear understanding of the civics that surrounds our great country.

Those in power today want to do great harm and destroy our country because in order to transform something it must be destroyed.  They have taught our children lies and have wished harm on them.  It is up to us to stop this insanity before it goes any further.  We must vote.  We must make sure that everyone we know also votes otherwise we are giving our country away to those who wish us harm. We have to prepare and understand that this will be will not be easy. For if it were easy it would have been done already.

The purpose of my radio show is to educate you and bring you experts who will never be heard  on mainstream media because the fear of Americans having freedom is more frightening than anything you can possibly imagine. Freedom dilutes the power of the Globalists. If America was a democracy as they constantly say then the people who are the majority hold the power.  Let us not give our power to a minority that wishes us harm.  Instead let us review history, learn how this all came about and prepare for the future. Join Ricki DeSantis and I as we discuss some of the historical events that are reoccurring today Then we will learn how to stop them.

Is America worth saving? Do everything you can to energize you and your family and friends to vote.  Your life and freedoms depend upon it. Over the weekend listen to the show.  Watch the video because it explains much of what we have experienced and it will help you understand what we can do. Happy Independence Day to everyone.

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