Wishing All of Our Readers a Very Happy Independence Day

We wish all of our readers and their families a very blessed and happy Independence Day 2024.

The following is from the Potomac Tea Party.

Watch this 2021 video series to understand what the true meaning of Independence Day is.

Happy Independence Day — July 4, 2024!

2024 marks our 15th annual celebration of this momentous day.  Please help us celebrate by viewing our new video below ‘Make Popular Sovereignty Great Again!‘.  Our previous videos explain why we have free speech and the right to bear arms, and why a ‘living, breathing Constitution’ is a very bad idea.  Also, don’t miss our Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science below.

It expresses the American Idea in one page.

Make Popular Sovereignty Great Again!

  • If we don’t deserve self-rule, we won’t have it for very long.  We must be educated, virtuous, and civic-minded to keep our Republic.  Happy Independence Day 2024 from Potomac Tea Party!
  • More Here –  https://www.potomacteaparty.com/popular-sovereignty-great-again.html
  • Don’t Miss Our Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science below

What My Free Speech Means to Me

  • Ordinary parents branded as domestic terrorists by the government for speaking their minds at school board meetings.  Government agencies engaging in wide-ranging censorship schemes.  Universities canceling conservative speakers.  Countless Americans curtailed, shadow-banned, or outright censored on social media.  The First Amendment right of free speech is under assault like never before.  In this video, nationally known figures Xi Van Fleet (refugee from communism), Jim Simpson (book author), Tom Trento (The United West), and Angel Mom Sabine Durden-Coulter speak powerfully about being censored, but persevering and fighting back against an intolerant Left terrified of the truth and working to keep We the People in the dark.

Staying True to the Revolution

  • We hear from five strong American voices around the country as to what ‘Staying True to the Revolution’ means to them – mooring ourselves in public and private virtue, preserving the proper balance of our Constitutional order, emphasizing what brings us together in national unity and purpose, and more.  Happy 4th of July, everybody!

What Independence Day Means to Me

  • We asked some of the strongest American voices we’ve heard in the last year to tell us what Independence Day (July 4, 2021) means to them.  Their backgrounds will surprise you.  Listen as they remind us of the magnificence of the Founders’ ideals and that liberty, once lost, is lost forever.  The video concludes with Potomac Tea Party’s ‘Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science’, which is the American Idea on one page.  A radio talk show host called the IGD a “solution to America’s political illiteracy.”

©2024. Potomac Tea Party. All rights reserved.

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