Venezuelan Elections July 28th, 2024—A nation crying for a return to a Constitutional Republic!

The Communist dictator of Venezuela a federally indicted narco drug trafficker and installed president Nicolas Maduro should end his reign of terror on July 28th 2024, assuming the electronic voting machines are not manipulated for a Nicolas Maduro win.

The Marxist Biden administration continues to say it’s open to negotiations with this Venezuelan Communist dictatorship if they promise a fair election while stating they also support freedom for the Venezuelan people.

Biden is a total fraud and fully supported Maduro allowing the Venezuelan government to profit from oil sales to the United States injecting billions of dollars into the corrupt Maduro bank account’s allowing him to keep funding his military. You never negotiate with Communist dictators even if they promise a return on something.

Dictator Nicolas Maduro campaigns for his third term as president of Venezuela with backdrop propaganda photos with the liberator of South America Simon Bolívar a conservative military leader and political strategist equal to the father of our republic President George Washington.

My Venezuelan family here in Florida and those living in Colombia tell me General Simon Bolívar would have already imprisoned Maduro if he was alive. Better yet had him executed for treason against the Republic of Venezuela and its citizens.

In late 2011 or early 2012 current Venezuelan opposition leader blocked by the dictator Maduro for running for president María Corina Machado stood up publicly at the Venezuelan legislature and directly addressed Hugo Chavez the former dictator of Venezuela calling him a useless idiot starving children with his Marxist economic policies.

She was then later threatened by the Chavez government and banned from running for life for any political office including president.

Now 12 years later, on July 5th 2024 independence Day for Venezuela , the courageous Venezuelan opposition leader and patriot María Corina Machado called on the Venezuelan military (who are forced to support Maduro) to guarantee a “legitimate and orderly transition” after presidential elections on July 28th 2024.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro is seeking a third term in the July 28 2024 vote, but real exit polls show him 20 points plus behind Edmundo González, who is standing in for Machado after she was banned from participating in the political process by the Chavez – Maduro thugs.

My conservative tax accountant wife is originally from Caracas Venezuela and she relocated to Bogotá Colombia in 2018 and was granted ten years of protected asylum by the Colombian government.

She now lives happily with me as a Green Card holder here in Florida. She said Biden and Maduro have a lot in common by imprisoning political opponents and using a weaponized Justice Department to go after political opponents. She said the Congress here keep giving Biden tax payer money to spend on things we don’t want creating massive inflation etc. much like in Venezuela.

After the election in Venezuela on July 28th 2024 it should result in a win for conservative opposition candidate Edmundo González. Then the real candidate María Corina Machado will step in with positional authority with the new president creating conditions for millions of Venezuelan families to return home to a free Venezuela from Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and elsewhere.

The majority of Venezuelan people are hardworking conservative capitalists and Maduro only garners support from the lazy slackers dependent on him for a government welfare check and the military who depend on Maduro for a paycheck. He cannot win this election.

My wife here in Florida is denied a vote for her conservative candidate in Venezuela because the United States has no Venezuelan embassy in Washington D.C. She also cannot vote for Trump because she is not a US citizen (yet).

But she wants the American people to vote for Trump in November if they want their (her new) country to remain free.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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