Biden: ‘I’m in This Race to the End, No One is Pushing Me Out!’ — Plus Videos

Life’s  Joshua Mercer reported, “After reportedly telling allies in private that he might drop out, President Joe Biden told his campaign staff on Wednesday: “I’m in this race to the end.” The New York Times stated that the embattled president “told key allies that he knows the coming days are crucial.”

Here are a series of videos about the 2024 election that may be of interest:

Report finds Biden aides raise concerns about Hunter’s presence in meetings

Our enemies see a ‘feeble’ president: Rep. Chip Roy

Biden Refuses to Commit to an ‘Independent Medical Evaluation’

ABC News Interview Turns Brutal After Biden Dismisses Concerns About His Campaign

Senator Marsha Blackburn: Democrats have a ‘no-win’ situation

Karl Rove: Biden’s Campaign Is Bleeding Out in Front of Us

The Bottom Line

The real power behind the White House throne is Jill Biden.

It is Jill Biden, not Joe, who is out in public defending her husband and his failed policies. It is Jill who is on major network programs like The View.

WATCH: It’s  Jill Biden, not Joe, who’s talking about age in the 2024 Race, and the role of women voters on The View

WATCH: It’s Jill Biden, not Joe, talking about campus protests and the youth vote, and consumer prices on The View

It’s Jill. not Joe. who is campaigning.

So, who is the real Democrat candidate for president in 2024?

If there is a decision by the DNC to drop Joe, then it will be Jill who has the greatest say on who is his replacement.

My guess that Lady Jill, not Michelle Obama, who will be at the top of the DNC’s list.

We could very well see a Jill/Kamala ticket nominated at the DNC Convention in Chicago.


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Joe Scarborough Says Trump Will Win 2024 Election ‘Unless Things Change’

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‘Makes Me So Mad’: Biden World Furious That His Closest Advisors Set Him Up For ‘Disaster’ Debate

‘Hell Of A Conundrum’: Paul Begala Warns First Dem Politcian Who Calls For Biden To Step Down Will ‘End Their Career’

POST ON X: Sen. Tommy Tuberville says the president is not actually running the country, but it is actually the so-called “deep state.”

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