Walt’s Mickey Mouse is Dead

Once upon a time, very long ago, there was a mouse called Mickey, that I liked.

Mickey the Mouse, better known as “Mickey Mouse” was a funny Cartoon Figure.

Mickey Mouse helped children grow up!

The company Disney made billions of Dollars from movies based on cartoons with Mickey Mouse. That was not the purpose of the inventor of Mickey the Mouse. He wanted to help children. The name of the inventor is Walt Disney.

The ultra-materialistic company Disney has changed the original mouse into a strange rat.

I don’t like Mickey Mouse any longer, and I also don’t like American culture any longer.

This is what Mickey the Mouse taught children when I was very young:

  • speak good English
  • be polite
  • go to school
  • make your homework

This is what Mickey Mouse teaches children these days:

  • homosexuality is good
  • transsexuality is good
  • America is bad
  • learn nothing that is true
  • be stupid, be dumb; it’s ok.

If the United States is going to continue to let their company Disney pollute the minds of children world wide, I’m going to hate this country.
If Disney makes children world wide homosexual or transsexual; I’m going to say: “Death to America”.

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

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