Globalists turn the tables on populist French political movement, and they will do the same in U.S.

Do not be fooled by the Trump movement. It is being set up as a foil (fake opposition) just as La Pen was used and then abused in France.

I dared to get my hopes up about the French election on Sunday and shouldn’t have. I won’t make that mistake again. People ask me why I’m so pessimistic and Sunday’s outcome in France explains why I am generally a glass-half empty kinda guy when it comes to all things politics. Only the intervention of Jesus returning to earth will circumvent Satan’s minions, who are in full war-waging mode to the point where no human movement on the right will be able to stop them.

My friend M. Dowling over at the Independent Sentinel captured the mood of many of us. She writes:

First, the UK elected a far-left WOKE leader, and now France has turned the government over to the miscreants in their society. US elections are next, and the result might be the same.

The left-green alliance made up of communists, Antifa, and radical Islamists has taken first place, and LePen’s right-wing party is last. Macron joined with the hardcore Left and miscreants to defeat LePen’s party.

Over 200 French election candidates quit to stop LePen. LePen had the most votes and won everywhere but Paris. The people don’t matter. The establishment wins in France.

Take a look at some of the scenes from Paris last night. Do these leftists tools look like smart people?

When you control the street and you control the media messaging, you never run out of options in the battle between good and evil. And right now, evil controls both of those key worldly battlefields. They also control Big Tech, the most powerful militaries, law enforcement, the centers of education and even the legal and medical establishment as we saw during the Covid scheme.

It is becoming all too apparent that the globalists are not in “panic mode” like so many on the right are fond of telling us. They can still manipulate elections. They can still manipulate the narratives through the corrupt media outlets which they own. And they can still turn the tables after what appears to be a major loss like we just witnessed in France.

The whole concept of opposition in the most important nations, including the U.S., is mere theater.

The globalist power elites allow voices to rise up on the right like Marine La Pen in France, Nigel Farage in the U.K., and Donald Trump in the U.S., only to shoot them down at a time of their choosing. Like ducks rising up over an open marshland, they get picked off by hidden hunters just as they appear to be gaining flight. And once the rightward populist political leader gets shot down, his or her followers immediately get marginalized, demonized and blamed for the destruction that they, the globalists, have caused. Meantime, the globalist minions take to the airwaves to congratulate themselves for “saving the republic” from the “fascists,” labeling their enemies with the tags that belong on their own foreheads.

The same fate no doubt awaits Trump as that which just crushed La Pen. And violence will ensue.

It’s like they are daring the right to rise up violently and say, “Enough!” Their leftist provacateurs are all too ready to engage us in a street brawl, so I believe it’s wise for us not to take the bait. If we do, we know whose side the police and military will come down on.

The more we remain peaceful, the more it drives them crazy, to the point where, as we see in France, they will burn down their cities regardless of whether they win or lose the elections.

In the end, these people are consumed by a spirit of destruction. Whether you live in France, the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia or Canada, it’s not our job to jump in and help these globalists commit national suicide. They are perfectly capable of destroying themselves over time. Because while they crave power, they are wholly incapable of weilding it responsibly.

Pray for peace. Strive for peace. Prepare for war.

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