Andrew Cuomo Slams Alvin Bragg for Letting Columbia Protesters Walk

Cuomo accused Bragg of using masks as an ‘excuse’ to not prosecute properly.

Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D.) on Monday slammed Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg for dropping charges against dozens of anti-Israel protesters involved in the violent takeover of Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall.

“By dismissing 31 of the 46 cases against protesters who briefly occupied Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall in April, [Bragg] has done a disservice to the residents of New York City,” Cuomo wrote in an op-ed for Forward, arguing that New Yorkers “deserve a justice system that is willing to pursue cases even when they are difficult—and, dare I say it, may not align with the ideology of the prosecutor.”

Bragg dismissed the trespassing charges on June 20, citing a lack of direct evidence as the protesters wore masks and would be difficult to identify.

New York City police—called in by Columbia president Minouche Shafik after a week of protests—arrested more than 100 participants who broke into Hamilton Hall on April 30.

Cuomo accused Bragg of using masks as an “excuse” to not prosecute properly, noting that the Justice Department had no trouble prosecuting the Jan. 6 rioters who wore masks.

“By letting the cases lapse,” the former governor said, “Bragg’s office has sent the message at this time of increased anti-Semitic activity that those looking to instill fear in Jews by creating chaos and destruction can do so with reckless abandon.”

“[Bragg’s office has] given the impression that certain crimes are not worthy of prosecuting and that certain groups are not worthy of protecting,” Cuomo continued.

“As a serious secondary consequence, Bragg’s decision is likely to further dishearten the majority of New Yorkers who believe that the criminal justice system has been politicized.”

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