Sorry RINOs: GOP’s new platform is pure Trump!

In the midst of our almost daily dose of bad news, it’s heartening when some sunshine breaks through the dark clouds. Leave it to Wayne Allyn Root to broadcast the good news!

In his recent commentary, Wayne points out that Trump just trumped both the Country Club Republicans, (a.k.a. Republicans in Name Only/RINOs) and the Dems, by coming up with such a solid, common sense platform that rivals or surpasses Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.”

The platform includes a combination of goals that Trump accomplished during his term in office, such as making the U.S. energy independent again (Drill baby, drill!), and cutting inflation (arguably more difficult to achieve this time ‘round due to O’Biden’s profligate spending), cutting taxes, securing the border, and more.

Some important new planks:

  • Deport tens of millions of these foreign invaders, rapists, murderers, terrorists and welfare addicts out of America.
  • Kill regulations strangling our economy— like electric car mandates.
  • Cut federal funding for any school, college or institution that brainwashes students with CRT, DEI, and transgender ideology.
  • Secure our elections with Voter ID and proof of citizenship.
  • Deport pro-Hamas protestors on college campuses who preach violence, hate Jews, and chant “death to America.”

Wayne dares the Dems to argue against the 20 Planks in this Platform:

“Please say loudly and proudly that you support open borders, keeping illegal invader criminals in the country, more massive spending and debt, higher inflation, raising energy prices, letting violent criminals out of prison, protecting pro-Hamas protestors, and starting WW3.” Etc.

More good news: Trump is opposed to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)! See Forbes article on this here.

And read more of Wayne’s optimistic and inspiring take on Trump and the RNC playing to win! Here’s the link.

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