Was the 4th July 2024 — The UK’s Independence Day?

These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.

I’m not quite sure why former UK Prime Minister, Rushi Sunak decided to hold the General Election on the 4th July this year.   He must have surely known that his party, the so-called Conservatives, didn’t stand for liberation, and they certainly didn’t stand any chance this time around of winning.   Everyone knew that after their 14 years of continual oppression, betrayal and lies, winning the General Election wasn’t even an option.

Was the significance of the American history of the 4th July, meant to represent some sort of liberation for British citizens, when the predicted Labour party took over?   Was there some sort of sub-liminal programming still being played on an un-suspecting public?   Rushi Sunak was certainly being very considerate to his obvious successor by choosing the date.

Surely, Independence Day is more relatable to American history which represents the thirteen colonies of the United States who were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain when they first became free and independent in 1776.

I can honestly report there was no singing in the streets outside of London, no fireworks, and certainly no celebrations on our very own 4th July in the UK this year.

My own trip to a local polling station, ironically held in a church hall, consisted of an empty car park, and one police car parked outside the church entrance on a dull cloudy soulless day.   It was mid-afternoon.

I briefly wondered if the police had been called in to sort out some sort of fracas or hold back the crowds.    This could be exciting.    But no, as I entered the church one single policewoman returned to her car.

There was a large wooden cross on the wall of the empty foyer with small wooden figures of children looking up to it.    I thought about the trial of Jesus.   Were there some crowds out there shouting give us Jesus, or were they shouting give us Barabas?

Inside the empty church hall were 2 bored looking women handing out the ballot papers.   They neither asked for my identity (which I had with me) and it did not worry them that I did not have my electoral polling card.   My name and address were sufficient to cross me off their list and install my cross on their ballot paper.

The options on the ballot paper consisted of the usual 2 party runners, Conservative and Labour followed by Liberal Democrats, Green Party, a number of Independents and also Reform (formerly UKIP/Brexit party) which Nigel Farage is now heading after just 4 weeks in place of Michael Tice.

My intention was to not give a vote to either of the 2 main parties, considered to both be two wings of the same old bird.  Some people wanted to make a statement, if indeed even relevant, that they did not consent to any of their policies or ideals.

I came away with a sense of ‘nothingness; and was not surprised when I read the next day that despite the Labour party winning the General Election, just over half of the voting population of the UK at 60% bothered to vote.

Some of the overall results were:

Labour:              9.7 million votes.  34%

Conservatives:  6.8 million votes.  23.7%

Reform Party:    4.1 million votes.   14.3%

Liberal Democrats:  3.5 million votes. 12.3%

Starmer’s shallow victory opens the field to real change – The Conservative Woman

How Britain voted in the 2024 general election | YouGov

There is a very deep sense of mis-trust and suspicion about political parties like never before.  The last few years has seen a great deal of people wake up to the fact that we are controlled by the World Economic Forum and that the majority of our politicians serve that system and do not serve the public.

So, who was the former Prime Minister Rushi Sunak who lost the election?

  • He was former chancellor to Boris Johnson and in charge of ‘Covid’ cash support during lockdowns
  • MP for only 9 years.
  • His estimated fortune is £651 million.
  • It is reported he told a group of children he really wanted to be a Jedi Knight and his favourite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back.

I think Yoda would roll his eyes and say “Hmmmmm” to that.

Rishi Sunak: A quick guide to the UK’s former prime minister – BBC News

Keir Starmer, who represents the Labour party, is now the Prime Minister of the UK.

I have to date not heard anyone be enthusiastic about him.

Keir Starmer – Wikipedia

Parliamentary career for Sir Keir Starmer – MPs and Lords – UK Parliament

His remarks on the 6th July from 10 Downing Street can be found here:

Rishi Sunak says accusation he will move to California after election defeat ‘simply untrue’ | ITV News

To quote:

“It is for me to be absolutely clear that the first duty of my government is security and defence, to make clear our unshakable support of NATO…

And of course, to reiterate, as I did to President Zelenskyy yesterday, the support that we will have in this country and with our allies towards Ukraine”

Those statements signal a Red Flag.  Within 24 hours he is speaking to President Zelensky as a first point of call, about how they will support him.

We often hear that a country gets who it votes for.  For many people who have woken up to Agenda 2030 and who have witnessed the sheer corruption in politics they are not sure that this is even an accurate statement any longer.   People are placed in positions of power based to their allegiance to the World Economic Forum.

I also don’t believe we fully understand the politics and the support that is being directed towards Ukraine and considering only 9 million people voted for Keir Starmer, the ‘majority’ of voters have not elected him in contrast to the remaining votes and the rest of the population who did not vote.

Surely, his first duty should have been towards the security of British citizens who are overwhelmed by the number of undocumented immigrants who are entering our own country.

These are the issues which have led to the Reform party in a very short space of time receiving over 4 million votes based on the emphasis of the problems with immigration, which is identical to the problems being experienced in America.   Their hopes have been re-kindled by Nigel Farage who inspired the UK back in 2016 to leave the EU with a total of 17,410,742 votes.

Nigel Farage considered this to be our Independence Day!

Reform UK: Wins give Nigel Farage platform at heart of politics – BBC News

Nigel Farage | Biography, Brexit, Reform UK, & Facts | Britannica

Liberation from tyrannical Governments

Liberation of course means different things to different people.   Not only is it liberation from tyranny and oppression from governments, but some people believe freedom is the right to do exactly what they want to do.

In moralistic terms, that type of liberation is really enslavement.

It is a very narrow path in finding the true meaning of what liberation and true freedom really is.

The wooden cross in the empty foyer of my church polling station is a testament to how difficult that journey can really be, yet a perfect example of what freedom really is.

The infiltration of inhuman policies and laws which have been inflicted on citizens across the world by their world leaders, whilst at the same time opening the doors to inhuman and diverse practices indicates a spirit of ‘Displacement and Cruelty’ against all that is good, true and righteous.

In that sense, we must be careful who we give hope to or look up to, including ourselves.

In the 1996 file Independence Day   Aliens obliterate New York, Los Angeles and Washington, as well as Paris, London, Houston and Moscow.   The survivors make a plan to fight back against the enslaving aliens and fight for humanity’s freedom.    The 4th July becomes their Independence Day.

The United States elections are scheduled for the 5th November 2024.

The 5th November in the UK is well known as Guy Fawkes Day, or Bonfire Night.  Bonfires and Fireworks are let off across the country.   It signifies the attempts of Guy Fawkes, in what is known as the Gunpowder plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the 5th November, 1605.

It is very strange that these 2 dates in our countries are being orchestrated, accidently or deliberately, I am not sure.

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot | Tower of London | Historic Royal Palaces (hrp.org.uk)

What Does “Remember, Remember the 5th of November” Mean? – WorldAtlas

Maybe this is the time to find out very own Independence Day and to ponder on what freedom really means, before it’s too late.    The signs are all along the way.

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”     Galatians 5:1

©2024. Shirley Edwards. All rights reserved.


Rishi Sunak says accusation he will move to California after election defeat ‘simply untrue’ | ITV News

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What Does “Remember, Remember the 5th of November” Mean? – WorldAtlas

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