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VIRGINIA: Youngkin Signs Executive Orders Banning Critical Race Theory And Mask Mandates On First Day As Governor

It’s why he was elected. He made good on it. Executive orders banning critical race theory and mask mandates on first day as governor By Ryan King | Washington Examiner | January 15, 2022: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin started his term with a slew of executive orders Saturday to address key campaign issues. After being sworn in […]


Mark Levin: Critical Race Theory ‘is Louis Farrakhan Dressed up as Scholarship’

At the opening of his radio show on Sunday, conservative talk host Mark Levin blasted Critical Race Theory (CRT), which he said was a symptom of a bigger problem Democrats and other left-leaning entities using the American education system to promote a political philosophy, calling it “Louis Farrakhan dressed up as scholarship.” “They want to rule over us,” […]


Judicial Watch Investigation: Yes, Virginia, Critical Race Theory is in Your Schools—and in Schools Across America

As parental concern mounted over racial indoctrination in local schools during the recent Virginia gubernatorial race, a mantra emerged from the Democrat camp and the media:  Critical Race Theory had “never been taught” in Virginia schools. That’s from then-Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, who in case anyone missed the point, added that the concerns about CRT were nothing […]


VIDEO: Critical Race Theory Collusion Exposed In Virginia!

Loudoun County in Virginia is the center of the storm on Critical Race Theory. School district officials there are obsessed with pushing, often dishonestly, the CRT agenda. We learned this from 3,597 pages of records we received from the county. They reveal a coordinated effort to advance CRT initiatives despite widespread public opposition. We received the records after […]


Critical Race Theory Activist Appointed to U.S. Department of Education

Despite growing nationwide outrage from parents angry about schoolchildren being indoctrinated with the racist ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT), a CRT activist and racial radical has appointed to the position of Special Assistant in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Communications and Outreach. Precious McKesson, Chair of the Nebraska Democrat Black Caucus, recently co-wrote an op-ed for […]


Rhode Island School District Is Training Teachers in Critical Race Theory

As the Justice Department and FBI targets innocent parents concerned about critical race theory, Judicial Watch just received a 53-page training document from a whistleblower which details how public schools are using teachers to push critical race theory in classrooms. The training course for the Westerly School District in Rhode Island was assembled by the left-leaning Highlander Institute and […]


AG Garland Sics FBI on Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory

In a memorandum issued on Monday, Attorney General Merrick Garland has directed the FBI to combat purported “threats of violence” against school administrators from so-called “hate groups” — by which he means parents justifiably outraged over the leftist indoctrination that passes for K-12 education in American schools. Garland expressed concern about a “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, […]


Princeton Offers Black Lives Mater Course Taught by Critical Race Theory Professor

Princeton University reportedly is offering a course on Black Lives Matter (BLM) taught by a professor with a self-declared “commitment” to the racist ideology Critical Race Theory, and featuring readings by former Communist Party USA (CPUSA) leader Angela Davis. A Fall 2021 class titled “#BlackLivesMatter” describes the domestic terror movement and the course as “committed to resisting, unveiling, and undoing histories of state […]


Goal of Critical Race Theory Is to Set Up ‘Dictatorship of the Anti-Racists’

Culture critic Dr. James Lindsay, author of Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity–and Why This Harms Everybody, told Breitbart News last weekend that the goal of Critical Race Theory (CRT) is to set up a “dictatorship of the anti-racists” in the same way Karl Marx wanted to set up a dictatorship of the proletariat. […]


Teachers Unions Go All in For Spreading Critical Race Theory

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) announced that it would feature Critical Race Theory (CRT) huckster Ibram X. Kendi Wednesday during its biennial TEACH (Together Educating America’s Children) professional development conference. AFT’s five-day conference will also spotlight addresses by first lady and Vogue token cover model Jill Biden, and voter fraud proponent Stacey Abrams. The union lauded what it called a “galvanizing national speech” by its […]


Zinn Education Project Urges Teachers to Defy Laws Banning Critical Race Theory

The Zinn Education Project, inspired by the late anti-American propagandist Howard Zinn, is calling upon all teachers to pledge to instruct students in the racist, neo-Marxist concepts associated with Critical Race Theory – even if it is banned. Zinn was the author of A People’s History of the United States, published in 1980, a subversive book that became ubiquitous in American high […]


New Evidence Indicates Critical Race Theory Escaped From A Lab In A College Humanities Department

U.S.—Scientists have discovered mounting evidence that critical race theory escaped from a lab in a college humanities department some decades ago. Originally thought to be a deranged conspiracy theory, the idea that CRT escaped from a liberal arts program is now accepted as mainstream consensus. “While many believed the deadly CRT virus arose naturally out […]