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Elite Chicago Private School Official Brags About LGBTQ+ Health Center Teaching ‘Queer Sex’ to Minors

*CLICK HERE TO TWEET THE VIDEO* Project Veritas released a new video today exposing a high-ranking private school official, Joseph Bruno, who admitted that he teaches underage children about sex with items such as “butt-plugs” and “dildos.” Bruno, who works as the Dean of Students at an elite school in Chicago called Francis W. Parker, […]


MICHIGAN: Watch Leftists excoriate Muslims for opposing sexually explicit LGBTQ propaganda in schoolbooks

This is a bit surprising, as previously Islam has always trumped other “progressive” causes. Feminists went mute about Islamic misogyny, race activists said nothing about the persistence of slavery in some Muslim countries, etc. But now the Leftist-Islamic alliance is being seriously strained, at least in Dearborn. Note the pain of one Leftist at the […]


MICHIGAN: Dearborn Muslims protest LGBTQ agenda at school board meeting, Muslim leader calls protest ‘very embarrassing’

This protest was “very embarrassing” for everyone concerned. The far-Left Detroit Free Press pseudo-journalist Niraj Warikoo says that even “a heavy police presence” couldn’t keep the meeting from “descending into chaos,” and this is especially “embarrassing” for local Muslim leaders such as Osama Siblani, as they know that Leftists are their staunchest and most dependable […]


Ohio school district promotes NEA ‘LGBTQ+ resource guide’ with instructions on prostitution, abortion

The idea here seems to be to create an unbridgeable rift between parents and children and render the children weak, pleasure-obsessed, emotionally stunted individuals who are totally dependent upon the state and ripe for conquest. This Ohio School District Is Promoting an ‘LGBTQ+ Resource Guide’ With Instructions on Sex Work, Abortions by Elizabeth Troutman, Washington Free […]


LGBTQI+ Has Added a New Letter – E for Eunuchs

The latest heavenly body in the constellation of gender-diverse identities. The ever-expanding acronym LGBTQI+ has a new letter, E. That’s E for eunuch, the latest official gender identity. It comes stamped with the seal of approval of the world’s leading medical association for other-gendered folks. For the first time the new edition of Standards of Care […]


HISTORIC: Miami-Dade School Board votes 8-1 to reject a resolution declaring October as LGBTQ History Month

“Our students should go to school to learn their ABC’s, not their LGBT’s.” — Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Núñez We have written about how the LGBTQ agenda has entered our public school systems nationwide. Initially is began as an anti-gay bullying program, then is moved to creating gay clubs like GLSEN in public schools, then […]


LGBTQ+ Activists Aim to Unseat DeSantis because he wants children to learn their ABC’s not their LGBT’s

“Our students should go to school to learn their ABC’s, not their LGBT’s.” — Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Núñez The LGBTQ+ community in Florida are a very small minority yet they think their attempts to indoctrinate our children with their thinking and behavior is a winning political issue. They think they should have special rights […]


AUSTIN, TEXAS: School District Pushes Teachers to Take ‘LGBTQIA+ Training’ for Children as Young as FIVE — At Taxpayer Expense

The fruit of the poisonous tree of leftist indoctrination. It’s a form of murder. What you won’t hear about is the suicide rates for these mostly confused, brainwashed and depressed children over the next twenty years. When is enough madness enough? How long will America sit idly by while this evil insanity envelops all of […]


SHOCKING REPORT: Of the 1,000 LGBTQ U.S. Elected Officials 75% are Democrats

We have been reporting on the queering of America for nearly two decades. We now learn just how deep the queering of America goes—from the state house to the White House. Houston Mayor Annise Parker, President and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Institute on its website, stated, For the first time in history, we’re pleased […]


Biden’s Handlers set to Deny School Lunch Funding to Christian School that Refuses to Obey LGBT Mandates

The pontifex maximus enforces his new state religion. Dems Poised To Pull Free Lunches From Christian School That Refuses to Obey LGBT Mandates by Elizabeth Troutman, Washington Free Beacon, August 4, 2022: The Biden administration is poised to deny free school lunch funding from a Florida Christian school that refuses to comply with the administration’s LGBT mandates, despite the […]


Judge Blocks Biden’s LGBTQ Guidance that Allows Transgender in Girls’ Sports and Bathroom Access

Pushback. Finally. Judge Blocks Biden’s LGBTQ Guidance that Allows Transgender in Girls’ Sports and Bathroom Access By Jim Hoft, July 17, 2022: A Trump-appointed judge in Tennessee temporarily blocked Biden’s woke LGBTQ policy on Friday, including transgender workers and students to use gender-appropriate bathrooms, and participate in sports teams, Reuters reported. U.S. District Judge Charles Atchley Jr. […]


NORTH CARILINA: Preschool Shows Kids LGBT Flashcards Featuring A Pregnant Man

As the insanity of American society today gallops forward, it came to light Sunday that Ballentine Elementary School in Wake County Park, North Carolina has been using LGBTQ-themed flashcards featuring a pregnant man to teach young children colors. In the first place, it is important to note that a “pregnant man” is actually a woman. […]


Dear LGBTQMxyz Community ‘Pride’ is a Mortal Sin—Have a great ‘Pride’ Month

Well its once again it’s June. It was first President Bill Clinton who declared June “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month” in 1999 and 2000. Then from 2009 to 2016, each year he was in office, President Barack Obama declared June “LGBT Pride Month.” So, let’s first look at what Mohammed had to say about pride […]


BOOM: Exxon Prohibits LGBTQ, BLM Flags Outside Corporate Offices

The proof is the pudding or in this case, the numbers. Disney went woke Exxon Mobil banned woke #GoWokeGoBroke — John 1776 Cardillo (@johncardillo) April 23, 2022 Report: Exxon Prohibits LGBTQ, BLM Flags Outside Corporate Offices By Breitbart News, April 23, 222: Exxon Mobil Corp. does not intend to fly an LGBTQ flag in […]