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Remembering Selma, But Ignoring Black Violence

The pat answer for black complaints about events these days is “white racism.” One rarely, if ever, reads or hears anything about black racism, but if you ask, many blacks will acknowledge it. As the 50th anniversary of the Selma, Alabama confrontation was recalled, there was little mention of a multitude of black violence events […]


Ken Blackwell: Democratic Mayors Avoiding Responsibility For Cities ‘Wrecked By Violence And Lawlessness’

Ken Blackwell, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and currently a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese about violence in Democrat-run cities, the Black Lives Matter movement and more. Civil unrest and violence continue throughout the nation, including in many major cities […]


Whitewashing Muslim Violence and Blacklisting Reality

The media and effete powers-that-be have been twisting themselves into Halal pretzels Islamsplainin’, rationalizing how a given Muslim terrorist attack isn’t really “Islamic” or isn’t significant. These contortions can become quite ridiculous, such as suggesting that recent Allahu Akbar-shouting Munich shooter Ali Sonboly might somehow have had “right-wing” motives because, among his violent passions, was […]


Hamas, Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers exciting violence in Ferguson, Missouri

The Democrat Governor of Missouri Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon has decided to take the power to govern away from the Ferguson Mayor and City Council and keep the local Police Department from fulfilling their law enforcement duties.  Missouri residents are asking Governor Nixon: Exactly what have you replaced them with? Governor Nixon has invaded and taken […]


Black Panther, Castro Fan Bobby Rush Will Not Seek Reelection

NBC Chicago reported on Monday that longtime Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush (IL) — communism enthusiast, former Black Panther Party co-founder, and advocate of “offensive violence against the power structure” — is retiring from Congress at the end of his term and will not seek reelection. That makes him the twenty-fourth Democrat to announce an exit from the House at the […]


Black Identity Extremists are the real ‘Supremacists’ and Here’s Why [+Videos]

“Black crime and violence against whites, gays, women, seniors, young people and lots of others is astronomically out of proportion.” – Colin Flaherty, from Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The Hoax of Black Victimization and How We Enable It. I keep hearing the Biden administration, politicians, the media and social media pushing the idea that […]


Arab Violence – Root Causes and Red Herrings

If difficult socioeconomic conditions in the ultra-Orthodox community have not produced the rampant crime that afflicts Arab society, why should this be assumed to be the case among Israeli Arabs? The homicide rate in Israel generally is low by international standards, but what has emerged in Israel’s Arab streets is an alternate universe of lawlessness, […]


Princeton Offers Black Lives Mater Course Taught by Critical Race Theory Professor

Princeton University reportedly is offering a course on Black Lives Matter (BLM) taught by a professor with a self-declared “commitment” to the racist ideology Critical Race Theory, and featuring readings by former Communist Party USA (CPUSA) leader Angela Davis. A Fall 2021 class titled “#BlackLivesMatter” describes the domestic terror movement and the course as “committed to resisting, unveiling, and undoing histories of state […]


Study: Obama’s TEVUS crime database hides BLM, ANTIFA violence and inflates white, right-wing violence

Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States (TEVUS) is a US government-funded database that tabulates violent attacks in the United States. Used by the US government and media alike, it is one of the fundamental sources of information about who is conducting violent attacks in the United States. TEVUS reporting appears to set out to cover […]


CALIFORNIA: Reporter witnesses ‘surreal’ moment when ‘mostly black families’ rally to support police while Antifa protests

WOKE supremacy. Boom. Reporter witnesses ‘surreal’ moment when ‘mostly black families’ rally to support police while White Antifa protests By: Chloe Enloe,  The Blaze, July 11, 2021: Talk about narrative-busting. Just weeks after Oakland lawmakers voted to slash funding from the Oakland police department, a reporter witnessed what he called a “surreal” moment in Oakland on […]


ARIZONA: Youngest Black Republican Candidate Alex Stovall Kicks Off Campaign With Ad Calling Himself The “Anti AOC”

 CHANDLER, Ariz. /PRNewswire/ Alex Stovall is a 26 year-old Army Reservist Chaplain candidate running for Congress to stand up to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who he sees as the biggest problem in the U.S. House. If elected, Stovall would become the youngest Black Republican ever elected to Congress in American history. “We are proud to launch […]


Democrat Maxine Waters: Police Believe Their Job ‘is to Keep Blacks in Their Place’

Sunday on Spectrum News 1’s In Focus SoCal, unhinged race-monger Rep. Maxine Waters declared offensively that police in America believe “their greatest challenge and their greatest chore is to keep black people in their place.” Asked, in the leftist news media’s typical America-bashing fashion, why the country “has such difficulty learning from history and making real changes when […]