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Biden’s White House hosted several ‘defund the police’ subversives over the past year, visitor logs show

And crime skyrocketed. Murder skyrocketed. Democrats hate you. Biden’s White House hosted several ‘defund the police’ activists over the past year, visitor logs show Biden aides have repeatedly met with anti-police activists By Cameron Cawthorne , Joe Schoffstall | Fox News June 13, 2022: Despite maintaining public distance from the “defund the police” movement, President […]


‘Defund the Police’ Radical Among Names to Replace Justice Breyer

And the lumbering, double-dealing, RINO reprobates will sign off on this monster. Defund the Police’ Activist Among Names to Replace Justice Breyer Among the Black women being discussed as President Joe Biden’s possible nominee to fill the Supreme Court seat of retiring Justice Stephen Breyer is a civil rights lawyer who has backed the ”defund the police” […]


Democratic Mayors Who Called To Defund The Police Spent MILLIONS On Own Security Details

Oh, the irony. No Democrat-criminal-media coverage, of course! Democratic Mayors Who Called To Defund The Police Spent MILLIONS On Own Security Details BY: Barnini Chakrabort | Washington Examiner | July 21, 2021 | Democratic mayors in nearly two dozen major cities across the United States who have publicly called for defunding the police have received personal protection […]


MORE BIG LIES: The Defund The Police White House And Democrats Are Now Saying GOP Wants to Defund Police

“[T]hat in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie […]


Omar: Defund the Police Is ‘Not a Slogan but a Policy Demand’

In a Twitter rebuttal, Rep. Ilhan Omar responded to President Barack Obama‘s belief that “snappy” slogans like “defund the police” lose supporters, arguing that it is “not a slogan but a policy demand.” “You lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you’re actually going to get the changes you […]


Here’s A List Of Corporations Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement

Prominent corporations from around the world are bankrolling the “defund the police” movement, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.  Companies including Cisco, Clif Bar, Degree, DoorDash, DropBox, H&M and Pokemon announced donations to organizations that seek to defund the police.  Black Lives Matter Global Network and Color of Change are open about their desire […]


PODCAST: Rioters’ ‘Defund The Police’ Push Puts Democrat Candidates On Defense!

GUESTS AND TOPICS: SUSAN CRABTREE Susan Crabtree is a White House and national political correspondent for RealClearPolitics where she covers President Trump, his administration and their conflicts with Capitol Hill, the 2020 election, spending battles and national security. She previously served as a senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon, and five years as a […]


4 Keys to Understanding ‘Defund the Police’ Movement

“Defund the police” has become the newest rallying cry for the left and it’s no longer confined to radicals and activists. Some local lawmakers are going a step further to say “dismantle” or “abolish” the police, while left-leaning media outlets are giving credence to the fledgling movement. The idea could mean different things to different […]


‘Defund the Police’? The Method to the Left’s Madness

Dismantling the police, a measure already proposed in Minneapolis, makes about as much sense as eliminating doctors or farmers and would likewise lead to pain and death. But if there is method to the madness, and I suspect there is in some Machiavellian quarters, it’s perhaps this: Certain leftists want to eliminate the police because […]


VIDEOS: Democrat’s ‘All In’ on Defunding the Police—While Murders, Assaults, Rapes, Lootings Surge

We are now witnessing the results of the Democrat’s Defund The Police Agenda. Fewer police, more crime. Today with Biden’s open border and the Democrat/BLM Defund the Police agendas, criminal illegals are entering America and reeking havoc in communities across the USA. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Florida has arrested multiple illegal alien looters. […]


Watch this 7-minutes of Democrats Demanding that the Police be Defunded.

We know that Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, Democrat governors and mayors, and the Democrat Party itself are all in with their “social justice myths” for the 2022 midterm and 2024 presidential elections. The Defund the Police movement is the lynchpin holding up the Democrat Party’s social justice myth. QUESTION: Why do they want to defund […]


Seattle Police So Defunded They Can’t Even Investigate New Rape Cases

Actions have consequences. Stupid actions have stupid consequences. And pro-crime policies always work. Police defunding was billed as making Seattle safer because no longer would mean cops shoot drug dealers for no reason except that they were shooting at them. The Seattle City Council’s headlong dash to defund police is irresponsible, destabilizing — and ongoing. A Sept. 13 […]


BLM’s Defund Police Movement Cause of Massive Increase in Black Americans Murdered

More of the horrible work of “Black Lives Matter.” And yes, their antipathy and terrible irony is lost on the savage left. It was never about “black lives”, it was always about destroying America. Massive increase in Black Americans murdered was result of defund police movement: experts Black Americans were disproportionately affected by the skyrocketing murders […]


VIDEO: Florida Governor DeSantis Offers Jobs to Police Officers Fired or Defunded in Other States

Governor DeSantis said: “In Florida, not only are we going to want to protect the law enforcement, and all the jobs, we’re actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement because we do have needs in our police and our sheriffs’ departments.” Governor DeSantis also said: “So, in the next legislative session, I’m going to […]