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BOMBSHELL EMAILS: FBI and DOJ Were Alerted to Election Fraud Being Committed in Detroit, Michigan, During 2020 Election

Why will 2024 be any different? Democrats got away with murder.  The Michigan police actually sent the FBI video footage and documents of the fraud, and of course the FBI buried all the evidence The Michigan police actually sent the fbi video footage and documents of the fraud and of course the fbi buried […]


TRUMP WON: Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States

Trump won. President Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States: JUST IN – President Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States Introduction: It has often been repeated there is “no evidence” of fraud in the 2020 Election. In actuality, […]


Election Fraud Investigations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey

Election fraud is making headlines in three Democratic states – Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. In Connecticut, the situation took a dramatic turn as allegations of fraud led to a court-ordered new primary election. Bridgeport Superior Court Judge William Clark decided to overturn the results of a Democratic mayoral primary due to claims of absentee […]


[S]ELECTION CODE: Fact-Based Exposé on Election Fraud

On November 30, 2020, members of the Arizona State Legislature held a day long televised hearing in Phoenix addressing national election fraud. Evidence and subject-matter specialists provided testimony with evidence demonstrating such horrendous activity did, indeed, occur. Non-stop since then, Arizona Legislators have led to expose multiple forms of election fraud. The honorable manner by […]


ELECTION FRAUD FLORIDA: Hundreds of Thousands of ‘Blank Ballots’ Cast in 2022 Election

A bombshell revelation by election data expert Chris Gleason is stunning Sarasota County’s Supervisor of Elections with mountains of evidence of bipartisan election fraud/malfeasance. The electoral corruption in Florida includes so-called ‘blank ballots’, dirty voter rolls, election computers that have internet capability, early voting and vote by mail. There were 17,000 so-called ‘blank ballots’ in […]


Michigan Investigation Shows FBI Hiding Real 2020 Election Fraud

The Muskegon, Michigan Investigation In the lead-up to the 2020 general election, an alarming incident unfolded in Muskegon, Michigan, regarding election irregularities in the voter registration process. On October 8, 2020, just a month prior to the election, Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch noticed at least 8,000-10,000 suspect voter registration applications being dropped off. Upon […]


The Venezuelan/Smartmatic-Bizta/Florida Links to the Great Election Fraud of 2020

“Smartmatic has helped hundreds of millions of voters cast 6.5 billion votes in thousands of elections around the world.” — Smartmatic website Watch Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica Rivero admitting to “manipulating turnout numbers’ in July 2017 Venezuela election – 59 to 41.” According to Wikipedia, In 2017, Los Angeles County signed a $282 million contract […]


STOP THE STEAL: The ‘Dirty Dozen Election Fraud Threats’ Facing The 2024 Presidential Election

Without legitimate elections, we are done. Finished as a Constitutional Republic. The ideal of one voter one vote is becoming ancient history as we enter the 2024 Presidential election cycle. As Americans we expect and trust that our election process is designed to stop any and all election fraud. Sadly, this is not the case. […]


SCOTUS UPDATE: 2020 Election Fraud and National Security Breach Case No. 22-380—Citizens sent 50,000 letters asking the case be heard!

Loy Brunson appeared on Defend Florida to give a SCOTUS update on the 2020 Election Fraud and National Security Breach Case No. 22-380. The 2020 Election Fraud and National Security Breach Case No. 22-380 reads in part: Mr. [Raland] Brunson filed a pro se civil action in Utah state court against hundreds of members of […]


2020 Election Fraud and National Security Breach Case No. 22-380 now on the the U.S. Supreme Court docket

UPDATE: Challenging the Immunity of Congress The American Media Group’s Medeea Greere in a November 17th, 2022 article titled Uh, Guys… A Supreme Court Case Regarding The 2020 Election Just Hit The Docket reports, A Supreme Court Case Regarding The 2020 Election Just Hit The Docket > It involves the possible removal of a sitting […]


Red Tsunami Was Stopped by Massive, Widespread, Ongoing Election Fraud

The take-away from the mid-terms is that Trump was right about the 2020 elections. The braying mob that kept telling him (and us) to “move on” never understood or worse – was complicit – was aiding and abetting corrupt election systems rendering them nothing more than a Democrat rubber stamp for one party rule. Without […]


Election Fraud: The Jig Is Up

UPDATE: Texas Democrats Paid Homeless Man to Falsify Ballots | Police Body Camera Footage Charles Jackson  There’s so much Democrats believe about elections that just ain’t so.  They yap all the time about election deniers, but never seem to worry about the election deniers in their own party.  The list of Democrat election deniers […]


Desperate Democrats Test Run Diabolical Mid-term Election Fraud Scheme

“What you are about to watch is a nightmare. It is not meant to be prophetic, it need not happen, it’s the fervent and urgent prayer of all men of good will that it never shall happen. But in this place, in this moment, it does happen. This is the Twilight Zone.” —  Rod Serling […]


Election Fraud: Turn Over the Rocks and Watch the Bugs Scurry Underneath

A flood of new stories shows we have widespread problems with our elections.  Let’s start with the individual cases: A former Congressman pled guilty to stuffing ballot boxes for the Democrats in Pennsylvania elections from 2014 to 2018.  A Republican councilwoman in New York pled guilty to submitting multiple absentee ballots in her reelection bid last year.  A Democrat […]


My Streaming Services Have Boycotted ‘2000 Mules’ the Election Fraud Exposé!

I was speaking with a friend and he brought up that he will be watching the 2020 election fraud exposé “2000 Mules” to try to understand what, if anything, actually happened. I decided to watch it on my streaming services. So I began looking for it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBOMax, Hulu, the ROKU Channel, […]