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PORNOGRAPHICALLY-ABUSED CHILDREN: The Negative Effects of Grooming Children in Public Schools

Early exposures to pornographic images and verbiage are amongst the very best ways to facilitate lifelong sexual, emotional, educational, social, and mental health problems.  Here’s how pornographically-sexualized children can become dysfunctional, suicidal, and homicidal: Bisexual violence is greatly promoted via pornography in which the human body is objectified as a source of entertainment for adult pleasure.  Children […]


KinkTok: How Porn Culture & TikTok Are Grooming Children [+Video]

Sign the petition to protect children from porn. If you are on Instagram or TikTok, you have likely come across videos hyper-sexualizing some form of sexual violence, tagged with #KinkTok. Many videos feature “kinks” such as being forcefully pushed up against a wall, choking, BDSM and even fantasies involving “knife play.” One video of a […]


THE RAPE OF GREAT BRITAIN: Tommy Robinson’s documentary on Muslim Gangs Grooming and Raping Children in the UK

The RARE Foundation has released a documentary film exposing Muslim rape gangs grooming, raping and selling into prostitution under-aged children in England. We are witnessing something very similar happening in the United States by companies like Disney, Apple and in our public schools. The RARE Foundation wrote: At the beginning of the year, citizen journalist Tommy […]


PEDOPHILE USA, INC: List of the 73 Top Underage Children’s Sex Grooming Organizations in America

We have decided to list the top organizations, companies, federal agencies, educational institutions  and political groups that are working to turn underaged children into sex toys for use and abuse by pedophiles and pederasts. Today, these organizations are, emboldened by Biden and his administration, open about their efforts to groom children to become sex objects. […]


BUILD BACK BETTER WATCH: Biden White House Fully Supports the Sexual Grooming of K-3 Children

EDITORS NOTE: This is our first story in our new series titled “Build Back Better Watch.” We believe political and policy actions speak louder than words. Hope you will read and comment on our articles.  As the November 2022 mid-term elections loom we are now seeing a clear difference in what divides Conservative voters, parents, […]


A SARASOTA, FLORIDA CASE STUDY: The Evolution of the ‘Political Grooming’ of Children by the State

“If you can get a child when he is 7 and you’ll have him forever.” – Adolf Hitler “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – Vladimir Lenin “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.” – October […]


Democrats are Grooming Our Children to become Transsexuals One Day at a Time

We have written about how since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed gays to marry that Democrats have been the champions of so called “gay rights.” But what about parent’s rights, children’s rights and human rights? What about science? What about the harm done to our children who are groomed to go gay? The Democrat objective […]


Documentary ‘Keep This Between Us’ exposes sexual predators and ‘widespread grooming’ in our public schools

On August 9th of 2017 we wrote about Jason Edward Meyers a teacher at Palmetto High School in Miami-Dade, Florida who is a pedophile who stalked his underaged students for sex for a decade. We wrote, As Florida’s public school students are heading back to school, parents should be aware that Miami-Dade County Public Schools […]


GENITAL MUTILATION IN AMERICA: List of 13 U.S. Hospitals That Operate on Underaged Children’s Sex Organs For Profit

There are only two genders and a global epidemic of social disorders and mental illnesses.  We have been writing about the grooming of children by public schools, colleges and universities to provide sex partners for perverts, pederasts and pedophiles. But even more onerous are those doctors who swore an oath to “first do no harm” […]


Parents File ‘Blockbuster Lawsuit’ for ‘Moral Corruption of Children’ Against Virginia’s Loudoun County Schools

Bravo! Save the children from the depraved Democrats. Parents file ‘blockbuster lawsuit’ against Loudoun County Schools for ‘moral corruption of children’ ‘Today we bring that fight to the court to vindicate the rights of parents, not just here, but everywhere.’ Loudoun County parents at the June 22, 2021 school board meeting. Parents protested transgender policies […]


The Clinical Steps To Grooming Kids Match Exactly What They’re Being Taught In Schools

“Things don’t just happen. They’re made to happen.” — John F. Kennedy So now we know how the Democrats devised their evil scheme for our innocent children. The clinical steps to grooming kids was the template for the Democrat run public education system. What is really going on here? The destruction of civilization. By destroying […]


22 States SUE Biden Regime Over Plans to Stop Free Lunches Unless Schools Comply With Sexualizing Children, ‘Gender Identity’ Policies

Responsible school systems should not take once cent in federal money. It’s argue regime and they mean our children great harm. 21 states sue Biden admin over plans to stop free lunches unless schools comply with ‘gender identity’ policies 22 attorney generals wrote a letter to President Joe Biden last month, calling on the administration […]


UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Grooming Kids on ‘RuePaul’s Drag Race’ says ‘Drag Is What America Is All About’

Of course, on Monday, June 13th, 2022 Catholic Nancy Pelosi, just after her husband’s arrest for DUI, decided to make an appearance on RuePaul’s “Drag Race.” Watch: RealClear Politics’ Ian Schwartz reported, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi made an appearance the television show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ a weekly program on VH1 that […]


TAKE ACTION: The Many Dangers of Discord for Children

Discord, a popular communication service, has been named to NCOSE’s Dirty Dozen List for the past two years due to its failure to adequately address the sexually exploitative content and activity on its platform. While Discord made some important safety changes following the 2021 Dirty Dozen List, problems persist on the platform and the company can do much more […]


Jen Psaki tells Chris Wallace that kindergarten teachers should be able to talk sex with children

Watch. This is so sick. JEN PSAKI: Teachers should talk with kindergarteners about if they’re “a girl or a boy.” — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 21, 2022 Jen Psaki tells Chris Wallace that kindergarten teachers should be able to talk with children about whether they believe they are a ‘girl or a boy’ By […]