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‘They’re Ghosts’: Blue State’s Beaches Experience Surge In Illegal Immigration

Illegal migrants are increasingly turning toward California’s beaches as a pathway to enter the U.S., The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday. While illegal migrant crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border have surged under the Biden administration, the number of successful and failed attempts to enter via boat in California has also jumped from 308 in fiscal year […]


House Committee To Investigate Spike In Chinese Illegal Immigration Following DCNF Report

A House committee is scheduled to examine factors contributing to the historic surge in Chinese illegal immigration next week, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. The House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability will hold a hearing on Thursday concerning the roughly 8,000% increase in Chinese illegal immigration the U.S. has […]


Biden Regime Opening Overseas Immigration Offices To Bring In Muslim Migrants From Jihad Regions As Pro-Terror Riots Roil America

Trump banned jihad immigration and the country was safer for it. This is diabolical. President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border chief is opening new processing centers for Muslim migrants, amid pro-HAMAS riots in U.S. cities and just after Congress granted $3.5 billion more for migration within the $95 billion aid package. Biden Administration To Open Two […]


Leftist Immigration Policies Waste Billions of Dollars and Undermine Election Integrity

Several U.S. states and cities have embraced the president’s policy of a wide-open southern border, which has allowed millions of illegal immigrants to flood in. Not only are they treated better than U.S. citizens in many cases, receiving taxpayer funded housing, food, education, and health care, they have also contributed to an increase of violent crimes […]


‘Border Needs To Be Closed’: Voter Gives MSNBC Host Earful On Immigration

A Florida voter told MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart that not closing the southern border was “unsafe” for the country in an interview that aired Wednesday. President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign claimed Florida was “winnable” in November’s general election, citing a Florida Supreme Court ruling that allowed a law restricting abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy to […]


WATCH: Biden Regime Blames Trump For Biden’s Illegal Immigration Border Invasion

Immigration under President Trump was at it lowest in decades. From day one, the Biden regime undid all of Trump’s immigration policies. The Democrats are flying them in. Half a million. DOOCY: “Most of the border crossers accused of beating up Texas National Guardsmen in a riot last month were released on their own recognizance […]


Understanding the Democrats’ Immigration Strategy

The prevailing perceptions are wrong, and the truth is frightening. The U.S. immigration system isn’t simply broken. It’s an unmitigated train wreck, all cars off the rails spewing poison into the nation’s atmosphere, but not by the people or for the reasons most people think. The Democrats’ unrelenting focus on immigration, particularly the issue of uncontrolled […]


Immigration Overtakes Inflation As Top Voter Concern In 2024: POLL

Immigration has overtaken inflation as the top concern for voters in 2024’s elections, according to a survey released on Monday by The Harris Poll for Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies (CAPS). Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election, along with Republican candidates nationwide, have sought to make […]


NORTH CAROLINA: Biden’s Weaponized DOJ Prosecutes & Fines Printing Company $30,000 for Upholding Immigration Laws

A North Carolina printing company Printful, Inc. must pay more than $30,000 for violating installed Marxist President Joe Biden’s “protect illegal immigrants policy” Biden’s weaponized U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sued the printing company when they asked to see an employees Green Card which authorizes work and legal status in the United States. Biden’s DOJ stated […]


How Illegal Immigration Defeats the Pro-Life, Pro-Family Movement

The impact of illegal immigration fill our TV screens, crime blotters, and morgues every day. But too few Americans appreciate how lawlessness at the border advances other liberal policies. Illegal immigration gives Democrats extra votes in Congress and greater control over all three branches of government. It forces you to spend even more of your tax dollars on transgender […]


Experts Worry that Illegal Immigration Is Affecting the Education System

Since the beginning of the border crisis in which millions of illegal immigrants have flooded into the country, American citizens have been affected in various ways, most notably by the spike in crime. Some sanctuary cities have recognized that crime is out of their control and have sought changes in their sanctuary policies. Saturating news headlines are cases […]


Poll Shows Biden Unpopular among Voters as Immigration, Inflation Worsen

A sprawling new survey is revealing that voters are getting sick of the Biden administration, and Trump’s popularity is holding strong. According to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is floundering, underwater at 45% (23% strongly approve, 22% somewhat approve), with his disapproval rate (39% strongly disapprove, 15% somewhat disapprove) remaining fairly […]


IMMIGRATION RELATED VIDEOS: ‘I live with the cartels’

FAIR on the Front Lines: Immigration-Related Videos In February 2024, FAIR headed to the U.S.-Mexico border to analyze the impact of the Biden Border Crisis. The area around Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texas has seen some of the highest levels of illegal immigration in recent months, as nationwide border encounters soared to a record 370,925 in December. That […]


VIDEO: Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, ‘Immigration is not a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution’

Barbara Jordan’s vision on immigration is more relevant today than ever before.  In a February 21, 2024 Numbers USA column titled “The Essential Barbara Jordan” Jeremy Beck wrote, February 21, 2024 – Today is Barbara Jordan’s birthday. She would have been 88 years old. Tragically, she died in 1996, just before Congress voted on the […]


4 Biblical Principles to Inform Immigration Policy

The ongoing crisis at the southern border remains a top concern for voters in the 2024 election and on Capitol Hill. Recent disagreements over the Senate’s border deal and the House impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas underscore the range of opinions — good, bad, and ugly — on securing the border and demonstrate how […]