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Watch: New hoax, same swamp

First, Democrats in Congress and their footsoldiers in the mainstream media tried to overturn the 2016 election with an exhausting two-year investigation on alleged Russia collusion. It ended when a case built entirely on lies and deception collapsed in embarrassing fashion. That they tried and failed already isn’t stopping Congressional Democrats, who are playing the same political games […]

The swamp is beyond parody, but the American people aren’t laughing

There are a handful of real, pressing concerns on the minds of American families today. They want pro-worker trade deals such as USMCA. Affordable prescription drug prices. Strong border security. Real gun safety. Even a bit of progress on any one of these issues would bring a huge sigh of relief from citizens that Washington is finally […]

How to waste a year of America’s time

Americans “want a Congress that delivers results for the people, opening up opportunity and lifting up their lives. When our new members take the oath, our Congress will be refreshed, and our democracy will be strengthened by the optimism, idealism and patriotism of this transformative freshman class.” That was newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on January 3, […]