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Corporate Leaders, Pay Attention: Americans Want You to Get Out of Politics

Corporate America, please pay attention. Contrary to the “woke” Twitter crowd, a new national survey shows that Americans want you to care for employees instead of catering to radical leftist policies. According to the survey, part of which is immediately below this paragraph, 72 percent of Americans want the nation’s business community to prioritize employees now and […]

Abortion: The Ultimate Sin Against Humanity

Last week’s national March for Life was amazing. Tens of thousands of people – if you believe the mainstream media’s downplaying of the nation’s largest annual civil rights gathering – came to Washington, D.C. to create a culture of life. In Chicago, San Francisco, and elsewhere, pro-life advocates showed their support for the unborn killed by […]

Midwest Grocery Chain Supports Good Values and Great Customer Service

A false narrative among the Left is that you cannot provide great customer service without being “woke” enough. Chick-fil-A discovered this when its recent abandonment of socially conservative charity groups was greeted with dismissal by the radical LGBT group GLAAD. Apparently, in the eyes of the woke Left, being America’s most polite fast-food chain, providing quality […]

Sign The Petition – Hallmark Shouldn’t Show LGBT ‘Marriages’ To Kids

Another week, another corporation lost to the “woke” leftist crowd. This time it’s Hallmark’s (2.1) television station, which managed to alienate everyone in the culture wars by accepting a “wedding” ad featuring a lesbian couple…then rejecting the ad…then apologizing for rejecting the ad. And all this just after the company bowed to activist pressure to feature LGBT propaganda in […]

Support Your Values And The Homeless By Buying Hanes

Chick-fil-A’s abandonment of The Salvation Army has left a poor taste in the mouths of 2ndVote Americans. Thankfully, other companies refuse to bow to the Left’s absurdities – such as Hanes (3.9), which for the 10th year in a row is donating 250,000 pairs of socks to groups which fight homelessness, including The Salvation Army. Hanes is functionally neutral in its corporate donations. […]

Media Bias Is Corporate Bias

Liberal activists often claim that the media has a “corporate” bias. In their belief system, the fact that corporate-owned media outlets often report favorably about the wildly successful free market system, slowing the growth of government spending, and keeping taxes low are “corporate” biases instead of common sense. In fact, the media’s real corporate bias […]

Make your voice heard! Tell the NBA what you think!

Three years ago, the National Basketball Association (NBA) caved to LGBT extremists who wanted to force North Carolina’s businesses, schools, and local governments to allow men into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. The NBA All-Star Game was supposed to be held in North Carolina that year. Thanks to the NBA’s lack of courage, it didn’t take […]

Conservatives prefer WalMart and NASCAR. Why are they partnering with CAP?

The Center for American Progress is one of the nation’s most influential liberal think tanks. It supports abortion until birth, wants to reduce gun ownership, and has fully endorsed the high-tax, open-borders, and LGBT agendas of the Left. So why are WalMart (1.3 – liberal) and NASCAR (2.7 – lean liberal) betraying their conservative customers by joining hands with CAP’s liberal agenda? Taking your guns […]

145 companies just made it official: Leftist claptrap is more important than the U.S. Constitution

The United States’ Founders understood that law-abiding, decent people must be able to protect themselves from criminals and governments. They enshrined this right into the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Regretfully, leaders of 145 of America’s corporations – some of them industry and cultural leaders – just decided that sucking up to the “woke” […]

The Company Contrast – McDonald’s

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at a popular company that scores poorly on the 2ndVote scoring system, and then provides some better alternatives for you to easily align your shopping dollars with your values. This series is called The Company Contrast, and the company we will be focusing on this week is McDonald’s (1.3 – […]

The NFL is flailing as its racial strife strategy backfires

The NFL just can’t seem to get out of its own way. After years of inaction on racial strife caused by the Colin Kaepernick-led protests, it delayed a rule requiring players to stand for the National Anthem while sending $90 million to organizations with left-wing social agendas. It let players claim America is a racist nation without consequences, but muzzled […]

BB&T and SunTrust are merging – make sure they support 2ndVote values

By the end of 2019, two of America’s leading banks are expected to create a new mega-bank: Truist, a merger of BB&T (2.1 – Leaning Liberal) and SunTrust (2.3 – Leaning Liberal). The new company will serve 10 million Americans and be worth $66 billion, making it the nation’s sixth-largest bank. Truist is meant to convey “trust” and “true.” As the merger […]

Levi’s loves to take Middle America’s money…and use it to take your guns

Levi Strauss ( 1 – Liberal)  is the world’s largest seller of jeans. They make billions of dollars off of Middle America’s desire to wear comfortable, affordable jeans in many walks of life – and this past March, they made even more money when they used Middle America’s jean purchases to become publicly traded. However, they hate Middle […]

Middle America: It’s time to make your 2ndVote count

Starbucks. Nike. Amazon. Facebook. To millions of Americans, these companies embody our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. However, they also represent the takeover of leftist values in our nation’s largest and most influential corporations – all on the backs of Middle America’s second vote consumers. Starbucks (1 – Liberal) is perhaps most famous for its opposition to […]

Note to Bank of America: Some companies don’t scare easily

Leftists are at it again – declaring that corporate America must bow in every way to their agenda or face their wrath. In this case, online activists and some staff at Wayfair (3.3 – Lean Conservative) and Ogilvy (3 – Neutral) have demanded that their leadership stop doing business with U.S. agencies which house immigrant children separated at the border. Twitter […]