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High-End Retailer Nordstrom Has Low-Brow Standards for Life and Values

Nordstrom is one of America’s leading retailers of high-end clothing. Their values, however, are very low-quality. On life, guns, marriage, and religious liberty, Nordstrom is a low-quality store which should be avoided by 2ndVote shoppers this Christmas season. Nordstrom backs a number of groups with values opposed to those of 2ndVote consumers. The YWCA, for example, […]

#CyberMonday for the Conservative Shopper

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. You can get awesome deals for your loved ones well before the bells toll for Christmas. 2ndVote shoppers have an extra responsibility, however. You don’t just want a great gift – you want to get it from a great company! After all, online retail giant […]

Where to Shop this Christmas

With Black Friday next week and Cyber Monday soon after, it is clear Christmas shopping is about to be in full swing. Maybe you’ve received a few Christmas gift lists, maybe you’ve sent them out, or maybe you’re left to your own devices this year for your loved ones. Whatever your situation, Christmas shopping can […]

When Corporations Ask You to Vote, Whose Values Are They Promoting?

Last month, Levi’s urged Americans to vote. 2ndVote noticed that their ostensibly neutral ad came just weeks after they put one million dollars into a gun control campaign. They are one of four companies we want you to know are trying to influence your votes today. Levi’s, Lyft, Patagonia, and Walmart are using their corporate power to put politicians who oppose your […]

The Women’s March: Racist AND Tactically Stupid

Remember The Women’s March? This was the group that claimed it would unite women against the agenda of President Donald Trump. So far, they haven’t stopped much. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh won Senate support despite The Women’s March mob. Some of Planned Parenthood’s funding is at risk. And the Affordable Care Act’s abortion laws are […]

Live Action Highlights Planned Parenthood’s “Money Laundering” Non-Profit Scheme

We recently urged 2ndVote followers to only support real charities. Yesterday, Live Action released a short report highlighting the — to quote the report — “Money Laundering Scheme” that is Planned Parenthood. From the report: At the same time Planned Parenthood’s political efforts try to ensure more and more taxpayer dollars keep flowing to it, many of Planned Parenthood’s […]

Did You See That NBC Hid A Pro-Kavanaugh Story?

It’s true. Via The Washington Examiner: NBC News obtained information as early as Sept. 30 suggesting attorney Michael Avenatti had engaged in a conspiracy to defame Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Yet, for more than three weeks, the network said nothing, even as Kavanaugh’s critics cited Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, as proof of the judge’s supposed unworthiness […]

Ben & Jerry’s Just Reminded Everyone How Much They Hate Conservative Values

Ben & Jerry’s is one of America’s most iconic and successful ice cream companies. They’ve thrived thanks to America being the Land of Opportunity. It’s too bad that Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t respect American values as much as it likes Americans’ money. Via USA TODAY: Ben & Jerry’s is launching a new flavor, Pecan Resist, which the […]

UnidosUS, Former La Raza Group, Pushes For Open Borders For Refugee Caravan

La Raza is at it again. Known now as UnidosUS, they are telling the American people that the only humane response to the migrant/refugee caravan traveling through Central America is to throw open our borders. CNN reports that many people in the caravan have broken Mexico’s border laws. The caravan is allegedly aiming to get into the […]

Look Out, Liberals: Young People Prefer Chick-fil-A Over Starbucks

Remember how woke and intolerant of traditional Christian values young people are supposed to be? A new survey shows that a plurality of upper-income and middle-income American teenagers prefer Chick-fil-A over Starbucks (and every other restaurant). Via Fox News: Don’t worry, Starbucks. Teens will still need someplace to hang on Sundays, at least. According to […]

Shopping for Halloween Costumes and Supplies? Here Are Some Great Options

With Halloween around the corner, Target is getting all sorts of attention for its costumes, decorations, and candies. Yet the eeriest part of Target’s Halloween offerings are not its masks or bats, but the fact that it still allows men into women’s changing rooms. It’s up to 2ndVote shoppers to make sure they keep their kids safe and have a great […]

Google Confirms That It’s Working With Chinese Communists To Stifle Free Speech

We reported in September that Google was suspected of working with the Chinese government to develop a search platform which fit China’s goals to stifle free speech. Now Google has admitted that it is doing this. Via Hot Air earlier this week: Last night, Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed months of rumors in a presentation hosted by Wired Magazine last […]

This Google Employee Just Confirmed The Company’s Anti-Conservative Bias [By Accident]

The evidence of Google’s anti-conservative bias just keeps showing up. They rank a “1” on all of 2ndVote’s categories, a recent video showed senior executives at the company telling employees of their personal dislike for the results of the 2016 election, and they’ve been credibly accused of hiding conservative search results. This is in addition to subsidiary […]