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United Way Funds 2,901 Planned Parenthood Abortions

Nashville, TN – 2ndVote, the conservative watchdog for corporate activism, released its annual findings on United Way’s financial support for Planned Parenthood. “Every year, 2ndVote takes an extensive look at United Way affiliates that help fund the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood,” said Executive Director Robert Kuykendall. “Our research is designed to give conservatives and […]

Bank of America and Comcast Back Group Demanding Jack Phillips Bake Transgender Celebration Cake

With the ink barely dry on the Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission is continuing its crusade to punish Jack Phillips for running his business in accordance with his faith. Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court reprimanded the CCRC for the “hostility” towards Jack’s religious liberty and, stung by the defeat, LGBT activists have prepared […]

You’re Not Going to Believe the NFL’s Latest Strategy to Win Back Fans — Gay Cheerleaders [Video]

Male Cheerleaders: The NFL Whiffs Again At Earning Back Fans The National Football League lost millions of viewers last year. Its response to national anthem protests has earned ire from the left and right alike — and, given that NFL fans are found across the political spectrum, is an invitation to disaster. One might think the […]

#Hypocrisy Alert: Anti-NRA Protest Has Armed Security, Police For Protection

David Hogg and other anti-NRA, anti-Second Amendment activists showed up to NRA headquarters this weekend. As reported at Townhall.com, they were a) trolled by the NRA, b) protesting an empty building, and c) protected by armed police and security. They also had some real classy support. Therese Okoumou, the immigration activist who climbed the Statue of […]

Sanctuary Cities Are At War With DOJ — Here Are Their Corporate Enablers

One of the simmering legal fights over the last 20 months has been the one between sanctuary cities and the Department of Justice. Despite the fact that illegal immigrants commit serious crimes more frequently than do U.S. citizens, cities like Philadelphia continue the dangerous policy of releasing violent illegal immigrants instead of turning them over to […]

Starbucks Isn’t Alone: Straw Panic is Spreading Through Corporate America

Last week, we used Starbucks’ new anti-straw policy to highlight better coffee options for second vote advocates. Little did we know that anti-straw hysteria is spreading through corporate America and internationally. According to several media reports, the below companies already graded by 2ndVote have taken stands against straws. Some of them did so in other countries; some are doing it […]

Planet Fitness’ Refusal To Protect Women’s Privacy Encouraged Man’s Indecent Exposure

A New Hampshire Planet Fitness did right by its members this week by having police arrest a man who said the company’s “Judgement Free Zone” let him do yoga poses naked. The man is being hit with multiple charges, and will go to trial in September. A “Judgement Free Zone” shouldn’t be controversial at a gym. Working […]

Follow The Money: Will NFL Owners Choose George Soros or Millions of Their Fans?

The National Football League is at it again. Just weeks after team owners and the league agreed to try to win back millions of fan by having players stand for the anthem, the NFL Players Association, the same organization 2ndVote exposed funding organizations tied to liberal billionaire George Soros, has forced the league to delay implementation of […]

Racially Charged Language From UnidosUS (La Raza) Brought to You by Disney and Coca-Cola

UnidosUS, formerly La Raza, proclaims itself as “the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization.” Corporations and non-profits donated more than four million dollars to it last year. With so much corporate support by popular companies such as Disney and Coca-Cola, one would expect UnidosUS to be a constructive partner in the immigration debate. Instead, UnidosUS supports […]

Three Years Past Obergefell: From “Equality” To Totalitarianism

Three years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that marriage must constitutionally be expanded to include people in same-sex sexual relationships. Back then, LGBT activists said they simply wanted “equality” through the expansion of legal rights, but the marriage debate has quickly spring-boarded the left to a new assault on conservative principles. Now it is […]

Big Abortion’s Corporate Backers Include Your Favorite Social Media and Technology Companies

America’s social media and technology companies are increasingly showing themselves to be populated by left-wing activists. Just last week, social conservatives called out a number of platforms for supporting the Southern Poverty Law Center’s dangerous ideology. Promoting anti-Christian bigotry, gun control, abortion, and open borders would be problematic enough. But as we’ve highlighted in recent weeks, platforms such […]

VIDEO: A Watched Gun Hasn’t Fired for Nearly One Year — GunCam Miracle?

Will the gun on 2ndVote GunCam make it through an entire year without committing a crime? The countdown is on. American left and its allies in the media have long insisted that it is guns, and not people, that commit acts of violence. Pieces at Psychology Today, The Nation, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, and even the editorial […]

Beyond the T-Shirt — What Are Walmart’s Real Values?

Walmart was targeted by a social-media driven boycott this week for allowing third-party retailers to sell “Impeach 45” shirts on its website. The world’s largest retailer also sells pro-Trump shirts, but in response to the boycott it removed the “Impeach” shirts on Tuesday. While Walmart acted quickly in response to the campaign, at 2ndVote we want […]

VIDEO: Hollywood Two-Step — Against Sexual Assault, Except When It Involves Planned Parenthood

 Hollywood celebrities have declared the era of hiding sexual assault to be over. The #TimesUp movement launched earlier this year and gained the support of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. They have used their money and star power to raise millions of dollars to fight against sexual assault and on other issues. Many of […]

Target Part Deux: Starbucks Stock Tanks, CEO Says Store Closings To Triple

Last year, Target took damage to its bottom line by involving itself in left-wing culture wars. Thanks to bowing to hard-core leftist activists, Starbucks may be seeing the same problem. From The Washington Times: Starbucks may have appeased progressives with its social-justice workshops and open-bathroom policy, but such moves have failed to caffeinate the company’s bottom line. The […]