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Pope and World Council of Churches to hold conference on xenophobia, migration, and populism

This should be fun to watch! The Marxists at the World Council of Churches and Pope Francis think they are going to bring the world together in harmony and love with a conference in September on defeating xenophobia and the menace of political populism (just as a major power shift fueled by populism is sweeping Italy). Maybe they would get a […]

Free Speech Case Involving Twitter Moves Forward

I first told you about the case filed by Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) against Twitter here in February. Now we learn that Taylor’s lawsuit can advance as a California judge refuses Twitter’s effort to dismiss the case. NOTE: I use Twitter almost daily and was steadily moving upward in follower numbers until a few months ago.  […]

The Dark Underbelly of Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.

When I first began writing this blog in July 2007, one of the issues that attracted my attention was the puzzling decision by the Virginia Council of Churches, working for major resettlement contractor Church World Service, to place refugees in one of the worst buildings in the worst section of Hagerstown, MD. But, here we are […]

Canada: Conflicts growing between Indigenous people and refugees

Diversity is strength alert! This isn’t supposed to be happening in welcoming Canada! Aren’t we led to believe that poor and oppressed minority people feel for each other, that there couldn’t possibly be racism when neither side is white European? “It’s further colonization,” Wirch said of refugee resettlement. “We [Indigenous people] are further being displaced […]

U.S. says no to Iranians and Somalis in refugee deal with Australia

I’ve been having computer problems so this is going to be a quickie update on the “dumb” Australia refugee deal that we should never have entered in to with the Australian government. In January of 2017, Trump should have said NO! to the outrageous Obama arrangement for us to take off the Australians’ hands 1,250 […]

Does America have a moral obligation to resettle refugees?

That is the question a young opinion writer asks and answers (in the affirmative of course!) in the wake of Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing on the President’s travel ban. The long opinion piece in Deseret News by writer Gillian Friedman evoked a largely negative response by readers.  I especially got a chuckle out of this comment: I’ve snipped the following segments, […]

Since President Trump’s Election 100 Refugee Offices Have Closed

If this is true, then nearly 1/3 of all refugee resettlement offices have closed around the country. Really? And, if this is true, why has the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) not deleted any of the contact information for those now supposedly non-existent agencies from its database, or updated their resettlement site map? What are we paying them […]

EXPERT: Best hope for reforming U.S. Refugee Program is under President Trump

“I saw first-hand the flagrant abuses and scams that permeate the refugee program.” – Mary Doetsch, retired Foreign Service Officer Will President Donald Trump and soon-to-be Secretary of State Pompeo, do what must be done and overhaul the USRAP? Mary Doetsch is a retired U.S. State Department Foreign Service officer who spent eight years (of a […]

Amnesty International & London Mayor Threaten Large Protest if President Trump Visits UK

Don’t go Donald! The city now exceeds NYC in violent crime because of the (immigrant/refugee) diversity welcomed by the UK!  Stay home and make a point of mayor’s increasingly violent city. From the Huffington Post: Donald Trump Should Expect ‘Loud’ Protests If He Visits The UK, Sadiq Khan London Mayor Warns Donald Trump should expect loud and peaceful […]

Minnesota: Another Somali migrant arrested, this time it’s a plot to bomb the St. Cloud City Hall

However, perhaps more interesting is the lack of mention of the arrested man’s name, a critical omission in the first St. Cloud Times version of the story. Apparently, only after a local radio station posts his pic and names him, did the politically correct St. Cloud Times bother to report that vital information. Mayor welcomes Somalis, so why would […]

Trump on pace to break record of lowest refugee resettlement numbers since 1980 law enacted

We have now reached the six month mark of the first full fiscal year of the Trump presidency and Trump could easily break the Bush record set in 2002 of 27,070 refugee admissions for one year. (See post here on the Bush record low years.) At the six month mark, the Trump Administration operating well under a CEILING […]

A speech heard round the world! “You are being replaced”

 Thousands gathered in London’s Hyde Park, at the famed “Speakers Corner” to hear jailed Austrian patriot and freedom fighter, Martin Sellner’s speech read by Tommy Robinson. Sellner was blocked from entry into the UK because of his political views. Raheem Kassam reports here at Breitbart. A reader suggested I post Sellner’s full speech, good idea!  Everyone who […]

Violent Brawl between Somali and African American students at Minneapolis SW High School

…..and not for the first time! Diversity is Beautiful alert! There are no photos of the brawl that I could find. But, don’t miss the story about a student being assaulted at the same school yesterday because he was carrying a Trump flag across the street from the ‘peace’ walkout. Yesterday this brief news item was brought […]

Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in South Africa: White South Africans petition Trump to allow them to migrate to U.S.

The whole Rainbow Nation myth is going down the tubes as whites are persecuted but Leftists, including the Obamas, can’t let the myth die! Increasingly news is coming out of South Africa that white farmers are being murdered in ever greater numbers and the government there has made the first moves toward confiscating their prime […]

New York Times Agrees with President Trump: Sweden’s Migrant-perpetrated Violence Out-of-Control [Video]

Invasion of Europe….. Can we expect an apology from The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and the rest of the anti-Trump media about his Sweden comments last year?  Don’t hold your breath!  Powerline blog reminds us here of what happened a year ago February when the New York Times and all of its media lackeys […]